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The War for Our World

is raging now.

Esau's Empire versus the Goddess, the Grail and the Great Galactic Ghoul

(Roswell-inspired essays on the future of humanity)

An anthropological conjecture to explain the historical aggression, geographical expansion, anti-feminism and fanaticism of Middle Eastern monotheistic religions (Judaism, Judeo-Christianity, and Judeo-Islam). And further conjectures about Star Wars and the great struggle to defeat Esau's Empire.

Chapter 4. The Decline and Fall of Esau's Empire?

Science, May 6, 2010 vindicates The Iceman Inheritance and Chosen People from the Caucasus, but beware of that "one to four percent" statistical spin.

The May 6, 2010 issue of Science, Journal of the American Academy of Sciences, has finally confirmed that modern human populations have significant Neanderthal genetic admixture. This study by the Max Planck Institute of Leipzig under the overall leadership of Dr. Svante Paabo also included some researchers from the Harvard University School of Medicine.

Behind the scenes, it seems that this DNA study's dramatic reversal of the Paabo-Stoneking Cell article of July 15, 1997 insisting that there was no Neanderthal DNA in modern humans was due to the fact that Harvard researchers, notably geneticist Dr. David Reich, came up with data that contradicted the 1997 study by Svante Paabo (then at the University of Munich) and Mike Stoneking (then at the University of Pennsylvania).

Personally, I have always suspected that this 1997 study was purposefully concocted or even commissioned to please North American Jews and to further Israeli interests. In the 1997 study, Svante Paabo and Mike Stoneking claimed to have re-created part of the Neanderthal DNA sequence to an "acceptable" extent (2%) and then to have compared it to modern human DNA (but the complete human genome wasn't mapped until 2005). In short, Paabo and Stoneking were comparing nothing much to nothing at all. Dr. Alan Templeton, a geneticist at the American University in St. Louis, characterized their 1997 study as "a statistical house of cards."

At that time the acknowledged world expert on Neanderthals was Dr. Erik Trinkaus, formerly of the Anthropology Department at the University of New Mexico. His massive book The Neandertals was published in 1992 (Random House, and in two revised Vintage "University Format" paperback editions 1994 and 1996). Trinkaus chose to adopt the new German spelling system which hasn't caught on among Germans. The Neandertals contained this observation in the concluding pages (March, 1994 Vintage paperback): "Only humans from the Near East and parts of Europe can claim Neandertals per se in their direct ancestry" (page 416, my emphasis).

The 1997 Paabo-Stoneking study published in the July issue of Cell was highly promoted in North American media, contradicted Trinkaus, prevented Random House from issuing a cheaper mass-market paperback edition of The Neandertals in the Fall of 1997 and immediately enthroned Svante Paabo, in the public mind, instead of Erik Trinkaus as the world's leading expert on Neanderthals. Naturally, the 1997 Paabo-Stoneking Cell article also discredited my own books The Iceman Inheritance (1978) and Chosen People from the Caucasus (1992) because I had concluded exactly what Trinkaus had concluded, only I had said it fourteen years earlier. This new May 2010 study concedes that from "1 to 4" percent of modern human DNA is Neanderthal. However, I see and smell a little loophole just large enough for a statistical rat.

The conclusions of this new 2010 study, certainly vetted and possibly written by Paabo, are clearly intended to convey the impression that this "1 to 4 percent" of lingering Neanderthal DNA is more or less evenly distributed throughout the world except for Africa where there is supposedly no Neanderthal DNA -- and I find this hard to believe.

The May 2010 study even found Neanderthal DNA in New Guinea, which is highly unlikely and I wonder who the carefully chosen modern donor was to get this supposed Neanderthal DNA. I like to joke that the DNA donor was probably the fictional (I hope) Dr. Jacob Epstein, formerly a New York doctor who now practices in Port Moresby.

This same fictional Dr. Jacob Epstein was possibly also the discoverer of the very real and too-conveniently identified DRD4 7R gene, the Neanderthal gene responsible for "civilization and progress" as we know them. However, this gene's discovery is more usually attributed, not to my fictional Dr. Jacob Epstein, but to the Yale University School of Medicine, (see Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, January 4, 2001). This is the gene associated with "Attention Deficit Hyper-Active Disorder". So, do we really want to know Neanderthal-inspired "civilization" and "progress" in their present forms? See The Huffington Post "Surprising Way Your Neanderthal Genes May Affect You" by Garret LoPorto.

Personally, I sincerely hope that Garret LoPorto did not bite off his tongue while he was writing his article for The Huffington Post because his tongue was obviously and very firmly in his cheek when he was typing it. Garret LoPorto reveals that "modern" man had been around for 163,000 years but didn't do anything until infected with the Neanderthal DRD4 7R gene for progress (or Attention Deficit Disorder). Actually, Neanderthal-impelled "progress" and "civilization" do rather seem to be characterized by a deficit of attention toward the environment and human needs and by hyper activity to make money at any cost to western society.

And what about that lavishly Jewish-produced Journey of Man television documentary of only a few years ago? I could swear that The Journey of Man documentary insisted that "Modern Man" (undefined) came out of Africa only 15,000 years ago. This documentary sustained two hours without once mentioning that nasty "N-word" (Neanderthal). Yet, of course, Neanderthals had been alive and well at least 100,000 years before Nixau, the Bushman star of The Gods Must be Crazy I and II , led these modern men out of Africa. No expense was spared in The Journey of Man propaganda documentary.

Ah. The explanation is that The Journey of Man documentary was produced after the 1997 Cell article by Paabo and Stoneking but before the May 6, 2010 Science article's proof of Neanderthal admixture in modern humans. Hence, Garret LoPorto's article in The Huffington Post. And now, therefore, the Jews have to present some sort of an argument that all human civilization and progress derived from Neanderthal genetic contribution. Yeah, right. Can't they ever just quit? No, that option is simply not in their genes.

Anyway, that's the worldwide "Paabo spin" on Neanderthal DNA in modern humans and, looked at this way, "1 to 4 percent" doesn't amount to much. Figures don't lie but liars figure.

On June 5, 2010 the world's population was estimated to be 6.8-billion-plus people (United States Census Bureau, Wikipedia). One percent of that is roughly 68-million and change. Four percent works out to about 278-million people. Odd, isn't it, that this is about the population of the Middle East, according to my Bloomsbury Pocket Atlas? And this is the geographic homeland of the Semitic peoples, the present Judeo-Islamic Arabs and the Jews. Work it out for yourself using any good atlas.

With good maps and atlases there is a way of looking at this "1 to 4 percent" of Neanderthal DNA in modern humans that makes a great deal of historical sense. What if this Neanderthal DNA is concentrated in the Caucasus Middle East, where this 2010 study admits that Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons (or "Early Modern Humans") met and interbred? Surely it is reasonable to suppose that the main concentration of the world's surviving Neanderthal DNA must be in this area, discounting very modern migrations of some people by railway, steamship and aircraft transportation, and that Neanderthal DNA decreases rapidly as distance from the Caucasus centre of interbreeding increases?

There would be virtually no Neanderthal DNA in Atlantic Western Europe, but there would be more in Central Europe and much more in Eastern Europe, and especially in mountainous areas. There would be virtually none northward toward the Baltic Sea and virtually none east of Kazakhstan to Pacific Far East Asia. And we were already told that there is supposedly no Neanderthal DNA in Africa. But actually there should be at least some Neanderthal DNA in North Africa because the Arab-Muslims conquered it. Now, this sort of Neanderthal DNA distribution might average out to that insignificant "1 to 4 percent of Neanderthal DNA in the whole world's population." See? As Mark Twain put it: first come lies, then damn lies and then statistics.

However, on August 27, 2011, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), quoting a spokesman from Harvard, stated that the now-accepted level of Neanderthal DNA in modern living humanity is closer to six percent instead of "from 1 to 4 percent". We're gradually edging toward the objective truth since that first dramatic May 6, 2010 concession in Science, and the new estimate of "six percent" very comfortably accommodates the population of both the Caucasus Middle East and Islamic western and Central Asia.

Now, assuming this sort of concentration of Neanderthal DNA in the Caucasus Middle East, that "1 to 4" percent (or, now, six percent) of world population suddenly becomes very significant indeed. It means that the Semitic peoples of the Middle East -- Jews, Arabs and others (like Armenians) -- must, therefore, be substantially Neanderthal.

And this sort of concentration of Neanderthal DNA seems to be the case.

When the Cro-Magnons arrived on the European Atlantic Coast about 34,000 to 40,000 years ago, and they seem to have been a maritime culture, they very quickly and very heavily populated the European Atlantic seacoast, offshore islands and penetrated inland along major rivers -- but they stayed in the lowlands, leaving the highlands further inland to the Neanderthals. There was no doubt some interbreeding in the foothills, like the hybrid Lapedo child of Portugal.

This pattern was repeated when the Cro-Magnons broke into the Mediterranean about 10,000 BC after the Garonne River ice barrier from the Massif Central of France to the Pyrenees finally melted (see the novel Higher Than the Trees further down this website).They populated seacoasts, islands and major river valleys, leaving the mountainous interior to the Neanderthals. The northern Adriatic was populated especially heavily by Cro-Magnons and the Danilo-Hvar Culture was well established in coastal Croatia-Slovenia by 7000 BC (see The Jesus Voyage further down this website).

When the world's sea level finally rose high enough after 6,000 years of glacial melting for the Mediterranean to break through the Bosphorus into Black Sea about 5600 BC (see Pitman and Ryan, The Search for Noah's Flood) the same pattern was repeated yet again: maritime Cro-Magnons along the coasts, islands and major rivers and Neanderthals in the interior highlands. So that is why today we find we find taller, long-legged people along the Don, Dnieper, Rhioni, Volga and other rivers and find stockier people in the Ukrainian and Russian highlands and foothills inland from these major river lowlands.

Most unfortunately, this much-too-neat picture is considerably muddied and muddled by the fact that apparently Neanderthals alone inhabited glacial Europe for some 60,000 to 80,000 years before Cro-Magnons appeared on the European scene about 34,000 to 40,000 years ago. There are Neanderthal sites in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain dating from 100,000 to 35,000 years ago. However, the total Neanderthal population for most of that long period must have been very small, seriously curtailed by the "Ice Age" climate. Nonetheless, these truly archaic Neanderthal genes will persist to show up in the DNA of some modern French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese people.

Then, too, the so-called "Denisovan hominid" must fit into this picture somewhere. The more-than-paltry remains of this hominid -- one finger bone from a young female and a tooth from another individual -- were discovered in 2010 in Denisova Cave in Siberia on the northwestern border of Mongolia.

The finger bone and tooth date from about 40,000 years ago. This hominid's DNA was apparently neither purely Neanderthal nor purely Cro-Magnon, although its DNA is very closely related to Neanderthal DNA. But it possibly or probably interbred with both Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons -- if the species survived late enough to encounter Cro-Magnons. And the first Cro-Magnons they could have met, at least according to currently accepted notions of history, were the so-called "Tocharians" from either the Volga-Caspian area or even further west.

These so-called Tocharian Cro-Magnons must have arrived in the Tarim Basin area -- cradled by the high Altai Mountains to the north, the high Altun Shan Mountains forming the rim of northern Tibet on the south, with the mighty Tien Shan Mountains intruding from the west almost to the Gobi Desert -- about 2500 BC (but the first actual "Tocharian" artifacts discovered so far date only from about 2000 BC).

This general region was once known as the "Dzungarian Gate", a lowland portal between the western and eastern steppes through which people (Neanderthal, Sinanthropus ["Peking Man"] and Cro-Magnons or whatever) have passed since time immemorial, and was once a well-watered steppeland with many large lakes. Myself, I tend to suspect that when the smoke of "anthropolitical" propaganda has cleared away, we will find that the few hominid remains found in Denisova Cave most probably represent a local variation on the Neanderthal genotype, possibly modified by Sinanthropus, and nothing more. Nonetheless, extravagant claims that "Denisovan" DNA affected the New Guinea, Melanesian and Australian Aboriginal populations have recently been made -- has my fictional Dr. Jacob Epstein been busy with his disinformation again?

Since only these two specimens of the "Denisovan hominid" have been discovered so far (plus a possible toe bone), it might be safe to conclude that this species or sub-species was of limited population and fairly localized distribution in the Dzungarian Gate region. At any rate, there is presently no agreement as to this "Denisovan hominid's" significance in recent human evolution.

However, if you take these patterns into account and factor-in highlands, coastal lowlands, islands and major rivers, a map is still a pretty good guide for showing surviving Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal DNA concentrations in Europe, the Middle East and eastward on to Central Asia.

On May 10, 2010 a Svante Paabo co-reseacher on the new study, Johannes Krause, said on the Mid-German TV Network that the people of the Middle East, the Semites, were at least from "10 to 20" percent Neanderthal. The Internet link to this interview on the Mid-German TV Network was deactivated on May 18, 2010.

This is precisely what I argued in The Iceman Inheritance (1978), Chosen People from the Caucasus (1992) and what Erik Trinkaus at least inferred in his The Neandertals of 1992. However, my own calculations indicate that some Middle East Semitic populations approach 50 percent Neanderthal and in some very specific small areas, 70 percent Neanderthal. Given the usually modest Semitic populations in mountain valleys and arid landscapes of the Caucasus Middle East, this sort of Neanderthal DNA concentration among some groups would not affect that "1 to 4 percent" (or, now "six percent") of the total world population very much.

In my view, there are two major subspecies of technical "humanity" presently contending for the domination of our world.

One subspecies and the most influential one in terms of its sheer numbers and geographic extent can simply be called "ordinary humanity". Before 15th century European maritime expansion and commerce they inhabited Atlantic Western Europe, most of Africa, perhaps "Atlantis" in the past, North and South America and across the Pacific to the Far East, Japan and China. There are several geographic varieties of this subspecies differentiated mostly by skin colour and some other physical traits, but this subspecies as a whole exhibits a clear tendency toward polytheism, a tolerance of females in society and in divine affairs and a relatively low level of aggression. All varieties share a reasonable level of intelligence, very definite visual artistic ability, relatively non-protruding noses and only moderate male hairiness. Because of the differences in physical characteristics of this subspecies, it may be possible that it really consists of several subspecies that evolved separately in slightly different ways within their various geographic areas and different environments of origin. Or, it may have originally been just one East African or Southern African subspecies that migrated into various geographic areas and then evolved unique characteristics. This latter is the modern view, but it may not be correct.

However, the roughly common mentality of this subspecies, much more important than its superficial physical differences, indicates a relatively low degree of sexual dimorphism in its primal anthropological ancestry - except in areas where it has since been greatly affected biologically and culturally by the expansion of the other contending subspecies, as in Eastern, Central and Western Europe after the Jewish Diaspora of AD 70, the Hun invasion AD 451-453 and Khazar migrations from the Russian-Ukrainian steppes into Eastern and Central Europe of circa AD 1000 to 1300.

This other contending subspecies originated in what I call the "Toxic Lozenge", a narrow elongated area extending from the Rift Valley lakes of Tanzania, Kenya and southern Ethiopia to the northern Caucasus Mountains. This Toxic Lozenge therefore encompasses the geographic epicentres of both Homo habilis and later Neanderthal development. This Toxic Lozenge is also the original homeland of the Hamitic languages and the later seemingly related Semitic ones.

Note that Ancient Egypt was well to the west of where this Toxic Lozenge crosses the Red Sea between Jiddah and Medina in Arabia - an area now called Hijaz and/or Yemen but known as Saba (biblical "Sheba") in ancient times - the very place where the first evidence of the Hebrew language has been discovered and where Islam was also later conceived (see Queen of Sheba and Biblical Scholarship by Dr. Bernard Leeman much further down on this website).

Physically, this subspecies is characterized by very great nasal development, extreme hairiness in males, long torsos and short legs, extremely high numerical and spatial intelligence, very little visual artistic ability, a low level of emotional stability, fanatical monotheism, anti-feminism and a predisposition to control, enslave or exterminate "ordinary humanity". There is some fairly recent anthropological evidence (1990-1991, see "Homo Georgicus" on Wikipedia), coming from the Caucasus Republic of Georgia, that this subspecies may derive from Homo habilis, through the Neanderthals and on to modern living representatives.

However, not all anthropologists agree that Homo habilis should be considered fully "human" as that term is rather loosely defined, but was possibly an aberrant offshoot of either Homo or Australopithecus (see Esau's Empire I on this website).

That is, people deriving from this Toxic Lozenge in ancient times may not be exactly human and certainly seem to be incompatible with the values and attitudes of "ordinary humanity". However, recent historical migrants into the Toxic Lozenge represent mostly ordinary African humanity.

Much more important than physical traits, the aggression of this subspecies is responsible for its expansion from its original Toxic Lozenge both east and west to inhabit most of the "Middle East" (especially mountainous regions) and even parts of Europe, western India and northern and eastern Africa, imposing its religious and social values. In short, the people of this Toxic Lozenge have gradually driven a wedge of perhaps "not-quite-human" genes and culture between the ordinary humanity of the West and the ordinary humanity of the Far East. And this wedge has been inexorably expanded by well-known historical events from 5600 BC to the present. Despite the incessant propaganda and disinformation promulgated by this subspecies, adherence to Judaism, Judeo-Christianity and Judeo-Islam are the symptomatic indications of its biological expansion and/or cultural influence.

This Toxic Lozenge subspecies is the most influential one in terms of its extremely high aggression (see "Hard Times Among the Neanderthals", Natural History, Journal of the American Museum of Natural History, New York, December 1978 by Dr. Erik Trinkaus and Dr. T. Dale Stewart of the Smithsonian Institute).

Neanderthals of the "Toxic Lozenge" on a rampage, circa 50,000 BC.

How aggressive are they? Trinkaus and Stewart subjected every Neanderthal bone then known to a forensic-style analysis and found over twice the number of violence-inflicted injuries as among any similar number of bones from other fossil humans. Nonetheless, though extremely violent, Neanderthals took care of their injured and elderly people (Trinkaus and Stewart; see also Ralph Solecki's later work at Shanidar cave). Ironically, this Trinkaus and Stewart article was published one month after the publication of The Iceman Inheritance in November, 1978. I could certainly have used this data if it had been available a few months earlier.

This December 1978 Trinkaus-Stewart study and article adequately explains why the Middle East has been a region of chronic conflict for about 3,500 years of more or less reliably recorded human history. Very little more needs to be said or written about extreme Middle Eastern aggression itself.

However, much more can be said and written about how the Western World got drawn into Middle East confrontations.

President Barack Obama, General Stanley A. McChrystal (relieved of command by Obama on June 23, 2010 because of McChrystal's comments in Rolling Stone magazine) and Maj. Hal Skaarup (Canadian Forces Intelligence) are at least aware of Esau's Empire I and may even have read it carefully. Gen. David H. Petraeus is also now aware of Esau's Empire I. All I can say is that the final five concluding pages of Esau's Empire I resulting from 30 previous pages of anthropological evidence and conjecture seem to predict Obama's very recent determination to commit a total of almost 100,000 American troops in Afghanistan.

These troops will apparently be concentrated around Kandahar in the southern relative "lowlands" flanking the Helmand River and may be reflecting the strategy I suggested in Esau's Empire I. The West can possibly hold the lowlands of Iraq, Afghanistan and, much more important, the Indus Valley of nuclear-capable Pakistan against the Taliban. This is because there is a substratum of Cro-Magnon genes in these lowlands of major rivers. In Iraq and along the Indus River of Pakistan, this Cro-Magnon substratum represents a large minority of the population, and even an actual majority in some places.

However, along the Helmand River of strategic Afghanistan this Cro-Magnon substratum represents a very distinct minority because the Helmand River drains into an upland salt lake and has no outlet to any sea.

Cro-Magnons (or "Early Modern Humans") apparently first appeared on the Atlantic Coast of France about 34,000 to 40,000 years ago and seem to have been predominantly a maritime people. They travelled along the seacoasts, venturing upstream along major rivers accessible from the sea. They settled primarily on coastal islands, the coastal lowlands along rivers and inland along the larger rivers' banks. Very few dared to migrate further by land because the Neanderthals occupied the European and Middle Eastern highlands and mountains.

Any Western military strategy based on Kandahar, Afghanistan as a "Central Position" is therefore iffy at the very best given the subspecific demographics of the Helmand River "lowlands" and Helmand Province. There is little or no Cro-Magnon substratum of population there because the Helmand River does not flow into any sea.

The true geographic Central Position of this region's present war zone (from Iraq to Pakistan) would be near the large northern Omani town of Sohar. The current Sultan Qaboos(?) would probably agree to U.S. and Allied troops there; his southern border with Yemen and his interior Northwestern border with the United Arab Emirates would then become more secure because of the presence of these foreign Western troops in Oman. And the also the nearby oil Straits of Hormuz into and out of the Persian Gulf would be under U.S. and Allied guns, ships and aircraft.

Although Oman is officially Islamic, it has a 5,000-year-old tradition at the very least of Monsoon seafaring to East Africa and across the Arabian Sea to India, Indonesia and even as far as China; first in reed ships called "Ma-gurs" and later in sewn-plank vessels of various types usually called "dhows" by Westerners (see Thor Heyerdahl's The Tigris Expedition and Tim Severin's The Sindbad Voyage). The discovery of a large coastal city with dry docks for reed ships that was partially excavated several years ago in India's Kathiawar Peninsula and dated to 7,500 BC indicates that Monsoon trade across the Arabian Sea may actually be more like 10,000 years old. The coastal population of Oman therefore has a very great admixture of Cro-Magnon genes, much more so than the Helmand River Valley of Afghanistan, and Western troops would probably be safer there in a war of attrition. Allied troops could be supplied more easily by sea, while Sohar is also a much more immediate threat to Iran.

However, from Kandahar in Afghanistan we certainly cannot win on the ground in the Caucasus, Elburz, Hindu Kush or Pamir Mountains without being willing to commit concerted, dedicated and effective genocide by air of the mountain people who are of Semitic-Neanderthal genetic stock. A central position at Kandahar, if it can be established and held, could cover the lowlands of Afghanistan, Iraq and crucial Pakistan, while also being within striking distance of Iran if that is considered necessary. However, a central position at Sohar, if a large enough military base could be leased from Oman, would do the same job much better so long as the Allies were willing to give up fighting the Taliban on the ground and be content with bombing Taliban strongholds.

Maybe someone in Washington finally realizes that we are really into a genetic war in the Middle East, while no one in Washington apparently understands what the contending sides are. And no one appreciates the fact that we cannot win this war, unless we begin to fight closer to home, simply because we have already almost lost this war due to Middle Eastern infiltration long ago and much closer to home. For example, Americans do not even know for sure who first conceived of 9/11 and who may have secretly financed the project, but Americans most certainly know who benefitted from it: Israel and "Wall Street", including the two Jewish owners of the World Trade Center - and yet the U.S. is in Afghanistan?

Disregarding the complex geographic and demographic considerations of purely military strategy, I suspect that most ordinary Americans really know where Obama's proposed 100,000 troops could be deployed with better results than in Afghanistan. The same 100,000 troops in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem and Jaffa would instantly reduce most of the world's tensions, perhaps begin negotiated settlements of most present Middle East conflicts and also guarantee Israel's immediate security until decisions about its continued independent existence and its control of atomic weapons could be made. But such is the power of the Toxic Lozenge infiltrators in the U.S. that no one can even whisper these locations. Even President Barack Obama, whom the French public called "the last chance for America", may not be able to defeat the all-pervasive Toxic Lozenge mentality and influence which has compromised U.S. ideals and has distorted its policies.

According to SAMS, the U.S. Army's own "School for Advanced Military Studies" at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Israel had manipulated and secretly funded Islamic militants to carry out Israeli terrorism many times before 9/11. SAMS ironically announced this finding on September 10, 2001, the day before 9/11, on the front page of The Washington Times, adding that SAMS expected a very devastating example of this Israeli strategy "soon". Later, SAMS announced its conclusion on several front page stories in The Washington Times that the World Trade Center had been destroyed due to purposeful demolition by many carefully set and timed thermite bombs, an operation requiring two or three months. And this seemed obvious from the televised collapses of the buildings. According to SAMS, the twin towers of the WTC were not destroyed by the two televised aircraft impacts. If SAMS is correct, then the two airliner impacts must have been carefully timed and executed highly dramatic "coincidences" intended to confuse and propagandize the public, motivating Americans to fight a profitable war (for Wall Street) against Islam on behalf of Israel. And that's what happened.

Above is a rather broad and dramatic hint or clue about who really planned and executed the 9/11 attacks on the WTC, the Pentagon and Flight 93. This album cover for the rock group "Coup" was created in late 1999 or early 2000 --or roughly 18 months before 9/11 -- and allegedly by a Jewish American-Israeli graphic artist who, also allegedly, actually worked at the WTC towers. I have not so far been able to discover his/her name or verify his/her American-Israeli dual nationality.

However, I do know that as late as June 20, 2006 the FBI stated that it had no evidence that Osama bin Laden was connected with the 9/11 attacks in any way. The following link makes interesting reading:

However, these conclusions and the one by the Army's School for Advanced Military Studies received little or no coverage on major electronic mass media in the United States. You never saw it on CNN, ABC, NBC or CBS televised news. It was covered on BBC, France's TV-5 and Deutchewelt.

Obviously, too, Islamic militants could use Israeli fanatics in the same way for their own ends. Judeo-Christians have never been above the same sort of conspiracy and deceit as the spurious "Donation of Constantine" proves. And there was also the supposed forgery of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" released at the first Zionist conference in 1896. There is ample evidence that the CIA once manipulated Israeli "Irgun" terrorists and Iraqi Shi'ites to commit religiously disguised violence in order to justify U.S. policy in the Middle East.

In short, when dealing with the mentality of the Toxic Lozenge, ordinary people can have only the vaguest ideas about who is promoting which conflict in the Middle East and what the several agendas may be.

As another example, who promoted and financed the several days of violent demonstrations after last summer's 2009 Iranian elections? Even Western pre-election political polls predicted Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's re-election by a very wide margin. Did the U.S. CIA provoke the demonstrations to try and justify American intervention in Iran in order to halt Iran's nuclear program? Did Israel do it to bolster its claim that Iran poses a threat to Israeli security - and also to draw attention away from Netanyahu's intransigence about further Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory? Did the Taliban, perhaps financed by Pakistan, Iran, Israel or "rogue" elements in the U.S. CIA, do it in order to open another theatre of war in the region and compromise the U.S. strategic buildup in Afghanistan? And there are yet other possibilities.

That's why my 13 Rennsalaer novels are all set in France and Western Atlantic Europe. In France, the legality of wearing symbols of Middle Eastern religious affiliation in public has been a matter of intense political debate since 2003 with actual legislation in 2007. At least the French know the identity of the historically ancient common human enemy and are not likely to support pathetically muddled American ideas in 2010 any more than they did in 2003.

Ironically, I suppose, we have been propagandized into thinking that these three Middle Eastern monotheistic religions are mutually antagonistic - and they are among themselves. Yet, they all come from the same source and are all targeted against the beliefs and mental orientation of the majority of humankind. Whether Islam, Roman Catholicism or Protestant Baptists win converts is irrelevant. The very same fundamental Judaic Old Testament monotheism, myths and mindset are preserved in both the Koran and the Christian Bible. As Sigmund Freud observed, "religious [and racial] intolerance came into the world with monotheism" (Moses and Monotheism, 1938). These historical myths, monotheism, social values and mindset come from the Toxic Lozenge reflecting ancient anthropology from the Horn of Africa. What does "spirituality" have to do with it? See Esau's Empire I.

Okay, boys and girls, Ladies and Gentlemen, we come down to it. Believe it or not, I don't like being right about this distribution of Neanderthal DNA.

And now that this distribution has finally been proved, I like the implications even less because I know the meaning of them perhaps better than anyone on this planet (see Esau's Empire 1, and 2-4).

Basically, I estimate that about seventy percent of the present crisis on this planet can be fairly attributed to the machinations of Neanderthal-Semitic elements of the human population against the Cro-Magnon majority of the human population.

For example, the South Korean frigate the Cheonan was definitely sunk by a North Korean torpedo, but was that torpedo actually fired by a North Korean submarine? Or was that torpedo towed by night close aboard the Cheonan and detonated there? No one heard the torpedo strike the frigate's hull and there were forty ships, some of them U.S. vessels, engaged in the naval exercises that night. Was this incident manipulated by "some other elements" in order to focus U.S. attention on the Far East instead of the Middle East? So far in this Cheonan Affair, Hillary Clinton has been the most adamant American spokesperson that there must be some military retaliation against the North Koreans. However, we must all remember Hillary Rodham Clinton's predominantly Jewish New York City constituency here. Anyone old enough to remember the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution? Me, I smell another potential one in the making if Obama is stupid enough to allow it. I don't think he is.

I estimate that about thirty percent of the present conflicts can be fairly attributed to "ordinary" human confrontations, and we could perhaps deal with those through existing human institutions, such as the United Nations and the various national peace-keeping and aid agencies. But we cannot deal with that major seventy percent of continual crises without a fundamental re-think of our "humanistic" values and perspectives.

We all have been seeing these conflicts in escalating form over the past two decades: the anti-Arab/Muslim wars in the Middle East (Iraq and Afghanistan) when Israel is the only known possessor of "weapons of mass destruction" in the region, the ridiculous official fiction of 9/11, the meltdown of the global economy in 2007-2008 caused by mostly Jewish speculators, like Goldman-Sachs (CEO Blankfein), on "Wall Street's" mortgage market and their subsequent bailout by the Bush Administration's Henry Paulson (formerly of Goldman-Sachs). And now we witness the pollution of the Gulf of Mexico by multinational oil companies. We should remember, though, that the financial infrastrusture that owns, controls and motivates oil exploration companies to "cut corners" on safety and environmental concerns for increased profits is directed by "Wall Street" investment and share trading in oil futures.

In fact, since Goldman-Sachs's French-born "Fabulous Fab" Fabien Tourre -- Americans call him "Fabrice" for some reason -- apparently recommended applying the "Big Short", meaning "betting massively against" the success of BP's Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico drilling attempt just one day before the rig exploded and sank, I am suspicious enough to ask if perhaps the explosion and blow-out of the well wasn't caused by subtle sabotage (see The Huffington Post, April 30, 2010, "The Borowitz Report" Goldman Sachs Reveals it Shorted Gulf of Mexico).

We know that some of the drilling crew were on drugs, had taken various bribes and had ignored several indications that a blow-out was imminent during the final six hours before the tragedy happened. Unfortunately, eleven lives were lost among the "Deepwater Horizon" drilling crew and some of the dead may have included material witnesses to possible chicanery. Some people on the NYC and London oil futures markets made a great deal of money because of this environmental disaster.

Now, a possible scenario, given BP's plummeting share values, may be that BP will declare bankruptcy and absolve itself from the cost of Gulf cleanup and compensations. Meanwhile, someone else, possibly Israel (perhaps partly via Goldman-Sachs), could acquire BP and its many other oil assets, concessions and refineries rather cheaply. The new owner could then absolve itself from the cost of Gulf cleanup and compensations on the legal technicality that that the BP spill happened before the new management took over. All "letter-of-the-law" legal, of course, but not consistent with the unspoken values of Western society. Ready for that one?

The Semitic peoples, originally of the Middle East but now residents of many countries by migration, have made positive cultural contributions to humanity in terms of some Jewish creativity in music, literature, medicine and mathematics. Less well known are the Arab innovations in mathematics, medicine and astro-navigation. There have also been many Jewish and Arab contributions to our understanding of Eurasian history and even true "humanism" -- but we must always be wary of hidden agendas in some of this work. A very partial roll-call of apparently genuine "humans" among the Neanderthal-Semitics is in the last pages of Esau's Empire I on this website.

Semites have not caused all the past and present problems of the world, but they have been intimately involved in provoking most of the world's problems and ideological conflicts during the past five centuries, and particularly since petroleum usage became common.

As just one example, and I will use only one here, most people think that "the Spanish" and "the Portuguese" began the transatlantic trade in Black Africans as slaves. And they have been encouraged to believe that polite fiction because of Jewish propaganda. But the fact of the matter is that Sephardic Jews living in Portugal and Spain were the major players in the Iberian slave trade because only they had sufficient money to fit out ships and finance long distance voyages. And only Sephardic Jews in Spain and Portugal had contacts among, and could speak the language of, the Arab-Muslim conquerors in Africa who actually raided and captured Black Africans as slaves. These Arab-Muslim conquerers and slavers in sub-Saharan Africa were, in 1445 when the first slaves were landed on the wharves of Lisbon, the so-called "Almorovids" of Morocco. The Encyclopaedia Judaeca (1960) concedes this and was the prime source for The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews published by The Nation of Islam, but Stan Steiner's Dark and Dashing Horsemen (Harper and Rowe) is a popular exposition of some of the same material by a modern Jewish author. Ashkenazi Jews in the Netherlands, Britain and the United States were the major players in Dutch, British and American slaving. The biggest American slave trader was Aaron Lopez who operated out of the Newport, Rhode Island synagogue (the first synagogue in North America).

I could have used the development of both modern Capitalism and Communism by Jews and the highly profitable struggle between them. I could have sketched out the Jewish provocation of Fascism and the highly profitable conflict between all three of these ideologies before and during World War II. I could have cited the Jewish role in developing the atomic bomb during World War II and the Jewish role in nuking Japan at the end of it to test these weapons on a human population. I could have at least alluded to the World War II birth of the largely Jewish-controlled military-industrial complex that is presently alive, thriving and has supplied our weapons since World War II until the present wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hand-in-hand with all this has gone Hollywood propaganda and control of North American media, not to mention Hollywood's and the media's production of films and TV shows that propagandize the innate superiority of Jewish culture over the rest of us ("The Ten Commandments", "King of Kings", "Ben Hur", "Exodus", "Crossing Delancey", "Independence Day" and more recent "The Mummy", "Return of the Mummy" and "The Scorpion King" were among the most obnoxious, but upcoming "Machete" may be worse). And naturally Jews and Hollywood, with their "nominally Christian" sword and sandal epics, also helped to manipulate the west into creating Israel, manipulated Americans into stealing fissionable materials for Israel (see Tom Clancy's The Sum of All Fears) and manipulated the French into making the Dimona nuclear breeder reactors for Israel's atomic arsenal.

Considering that these people and their ancestors have more than twice as much aggression as does ordinary humanity, according to Trinkaus and Stewart in December 1978, this sort of behaviour is natural for them and almost impossible for us to credit. These days you don't have to express aggression by hitting someone over the head with a club. You can do it much more effectively by controlling money, industry, law, religion and news and entertainment by controlling the mass media. You can fragment so-called "public opinion" and gradually erode the values of a society until there can be no opposition to your control of that society, and especially within any nominally democratic society.

Jews have refined this sort of infiltration and manipulation of "host societies" into a fine art because of their relatively small population and the fact that they were landless until the creation of modern Israel. Muslim Arabs are no less fanatically disdainful of Western democracies, but they have a larger population and vast tracts of land from which to oppose our unwanted influence. However, due to recent Western European and North American democratic immigration policies that mistakenly viewed these people as just "ordinary humans", Muslim Arabs, like Jews long before, have begun to immigrate to Western democracies in fair numbers.

It is time for the non-Semitic peoples of the world to come together in a multi-racial alliance under one banner in order to severely limit Semitic activities before they put an end to us and everything else on the planet. I offer the following banner, emblem and symbol. However, I will warn everyone that it may well be too late.

This particular example of a swastika on the flag or emblem comes from a Tocharian horse saddle blanket in a Mongolian museum, part of the Tarim Basin textile finds, and is dated to only about 1800 BC. I saw it in some magazine or book years ago and was struck by its beauty and, to me, it also had a sort of American Indian look to it. The colours were, of course, faded in the photo but we tried to replicate them on Adobe Photo Deluxe, originally for use in one of my novels, with some help from research into dyes available on the Kazakhstan steppes four thousand years ago.

However, the swastika is one of the oldest, simplest, most attractive and most distinctive symbols of a world not yet dominated by Neanderthal-Semitic influence. And that is probably why incessant Jewish propaganda has striven to make it anathema and outlawed since the 1930s. Perhaps it is long past the time to re-invigorate this symbol with its ancient and more modern connotations.

I seem to remember that depictions of swastikas occur in the Magdalenian cave paintings of southern France dated to between 12,000 and 10,000 BC. A swastika scratched on clay has recently been found in northwestern Bulgaria dated to about 7000 BC. One of the most obvious representations of a swastika, because it weighs an estimated six tons, is the so-called "Swastika Stone" in Yorkshire, England. It is dated to about 6000 BC.

By about 4000 BC the swastika symbol had reached the Indus Cultures of Harappa and Mohenjo-daro (and some sixty other large cities) in modern Pakistan and modern India (especially in India's Kathiawar Peninsula). A little later it reached China and Japan, no one knows exactly when, and then it turns up among North American Indians and a little later in South America. I don't know if it occurs among traditional societies in Africa, Polynesia, Indonesia or Australia, but it remains an ancient symbol of at least the majority of the world's peoples. This was amply demonstrated a few years ago in the opening scenes of the box office best-seller The Da Vinci Code movie when "Robert Langdon" (i.e. Tom Hanks) gave his opening talk about The Interpretation of Symbols and showed three depictions of swastikas on Buddhist and Hindu sculptures.

Personally, I have always suspected that the modern word swastika may be a contraction and distortion of a Sanskrit phrase, a question: Su-Vasti-Ku? It can be broken down into its component parts easily enough. Su is cognate with the German "Du" or French "Tu", meaning you in the familiar sense used for close friends, relatives, children or pets. Vasti is the past participle of the verb "to go" in Sanskrit, cognate with the Latin verb vadire. The ku means simply "where?", as in the Latin quo, the Persian ku or the Irish cw. Therefore, we have the simple question: "Where have you gone?" -- perhaps directed to the memory of Atlantis.

The New Testament (The Acts of the Apostles) supplies some of this linguistic information with the famous question Quo vadis? (Where are you going?) asked by God to Saul/Paul on the road to Damascus.

In the little-known book, The Hill of Devi (Penguin Travel Library, Middlesex, 1965, pages 99-117) by E.M. Forster, a 1920s "Gokul Ceremony" is described celebrating the birth of Krishna -- possibly cognate with "Christ" -- that consisted of sinking a clay-built model of a city (complete with tiny clay human dolls as inhabitants) in a large pond. Was this ceremony both a remembrance of Krishna's (and Christ's) actual birthplace and the inundation of it? See The Jesus Voyage much further down this website.

According to some possibly very dubious esoteric lore, the red represents the Orichalcum (mountain copper) walls of sunken and broken Atlantis. The white represents the build-up of sand around the walls and the blue is the encroaching sea. This is supposedly where the democratic colours of red, white and blue come from -- the memory of ruined and sunken Atlantis.

This lore was mostly preserved in France, and it fuelled the fight for democracy under the Revolutionary tricolour -- red white and blue, the colours of the current French flag, the current American flag and the British Union Jack. The real name of Atlantis was remembered as Elis or Alys, as Homer knew. So we have the Champs Elysee in Paris, perhaps the best known street in the world, and French Presidents reside in the Elysee Palace. And it may not be by accident that immigrants to America used to land on "Ellis" Island within sight of the French-given Statue of Liberty.

Most civilized countries of the world -- Western Europe and Canada -- already have some form of "National Socialism", like universal health care, where the state and the people look after each other, except, (I will admit) that all these countries made a common mistake in their immigration policies.

These immigration policies regarded Semitic Jews and Semitic Arabs of the "Toxic Lozenge" as simply being "ordinary humans" who merely had a different religion -- and not as representatives of a subspecies whose authoritarianism and religions were basically disdainful of, and antithetical to, democracy itself. In retrospect and ironically, the democratic freedoms of race (coming very belatedly to Blacks), religion, ethnic affiliation and behaviour only made it easier for Neanderthal-Semitic immigrants to infiltrate and distort Western European and American practical democracy.

Neanderthal-Semitic immigrants into Western Europe and North America represent only between 2 and 1/2 to 4 percent of the population. How could they have gained so much financial and social influence? Easy. They "network" together, hiring each other (except for the most menial tasks), co-ordinating their efforts in distinctly anti-democratic ways and having primary loyalty to their Middle Eastern origins instead of to their "host societies".

Arthur Hertzberg's The Jews in America (Columbia University Press, 1986) gives a description of this process by which Jews (in this case) then represented 50% of America's millionaires and owned or controlled almost 60% of American industry. Neal Gabler's An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Created Hollywood (Doubleday, 1988) describes how the Jews gained control of American mass madia.

Any "extra-acquisitive" non-Neanderthal-Semite has to compete with this Neanderthal-Semitic networking and cohesion and must transgress traditional Western European and North American social values in order to be able to compete successfully. This explains how only 2 and 1/2 to 4 percent of the population can shift and distort "host societies" and always have. And that adequately explains the escalating "moral" or "ethical" degeneration of political, industrial and social values that we have witnessed over the past two decades. It also explains why the Jews (in this case) have eventually been expelled from Spain (August 3, 1492), the Netherlands, Britain and 1930s Germany. The question is when will their activities be severely limited or when will they be expelled from modern North America and Western Europe?

It is only my opinion, of course, but I think that President Barack Obama is trying to pull the United States up, kicking and screaming behind him, to the level of recognizing that "government backed" universal health care is both a financial and GNP necessity. Healthier people live longer and produce more without having to mortage much of their incomes to mostly Jewish-controlled private insurance companies and to mostly Jewish-owned pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Now, this Obama health care initiative may seem like a digression, but to me it reveals a much broader understanding of a fundamental sickness that presently afflicts America. For on the heels of "Obamacare" came another Obama initiative to legislate tougher banking and stock market investment practices. I think that Obama's mostly Republican Senate and Congressional opponents are either just fiscally stupid or else they are in the pockets of health insurance and pharmaceutical companies and "Wall Street".

The movement I envision is "Fascist" because a balance of individual freedom and individual self-discipline is necessary for the successful functioning of any society. This movement would like to see many fewer people kept in unproductive jail at taxpayer expense and many more criminals working on meaningful community service projects under extremely harsh conditions, like highway and bridge repair chain gangs in remote locations -- jobs that unionized workers would shirk. The infrasructure of the U.S. is so dilapidated that there are plenty of these job "opportunities".

So-called "white collar" crimes would be elevated to the status of very nearly the worst crimes that can be committed, in the same league as rape and murder, because they are a breach of public trust. They are essentially "rape" and "murder" of the entire society. Embezzling politicians, lawyers, accountants and purposefully malpractising doctors would receive the harshest sentences, not the lightest. Stock market practices must be more strictly regulated, particularly futures markets, with new restrictions on trading and share-buying margins to prevent non-productive profits based on speculation alone.

Fascism would definitely revive capital punishment for multiple offenders. And it would just as definitely re-institutionalize the citizen's right to bear arms equal to weapons carried by the police and military in order to discourage these "authorities" from abusing their authority (this is a peculiarly Canadian problem).

Most societies, before the advent of Semitic (Jewish, in this case) "civil rights" activists and lawyers, accepted homosexuality as a fact of human life and tolerated its existence so long as it was "kept in the closet" and not flaunted or imposed upon public society. Certainly, homosexual relationships could not be given the dignity of the word "marriage" because homosexual relationships are, by definition, non-reproductive. What's my position on this? I honestly don't know and await guidance from the "leader" I seek and core members who may decide to support this movement (see below).

As a zoologist and anthropologist and given the world population figures of 6.8-billion-plus released on June 5, 2010, humans obviously do not need reproductive relationships as much as they traditionally did before the advent of basic sanitation, supposedly better medicine (sometimes one wonders), antibiotics, contraceptives and so on. And human "love" is much too precious to squish no matter what package it happens to come in.

What does God and His morality have to do with it? God, in this case, is a Middle Eastern concept introduced into the West by the infiltration of Judeo-Christian religion. Long before that, there was the Great Goddess and her magical male child, the real "Mary and Jesus". If you are afraid of the validity of your own opinions, then "In God We Trust" is for you and prayer will make you feel good. If you trust in your own carefully considered conclusions, then "In Humanism We Trust" must be your motto, and prayer may still make you feel good.

However, I also think that the modern term "gay marriage" is a purposeful red flag flaunted to incite the righteous indignation of traditional beliefs and to bolster the identity of homosexuals. So, it is therefore a purposefully fragmentary social term. Western society does not need further fragmentation of its already damaged cohesion.

Fascism would prohibit the term "gay marriage" at the very least, and would substitute a term something like "Same Sex Civil Unions" that would guarantee and incorporate most of the legal rights, obligations and legal protections of heterosexual marriage -- except the right to acquire children by artificial insemination or adoption and to "parent" them -- including conditions of divorce and dissolution of the same-sex union. There would be no more "Gay Pride" celebrations imposed upon the general public and society.

So...what does this terrible word "Fascism" really mean?

The cover of all French passports is stamped with a highly decorated and stylized golden representation of a fascisti(?) that obscures what the original thing probably looked like -- you know, the leather-strap-bound bundle of rods around an axe with the sharp end of the axe sticking out. In fact, that's how the fascisti is defined on Wikipedia and in several other dictionaries we consulted. This is like saying that an automobile is a contraption on wheels that somehow moves by itself.

This pair of fascisti depicted in modern artwork is still somewhat stylized, but at least shows the idea clearly. The axe heads here are obviously supposed to be some kind of metal, probably bronze or gold.

Below is a photo of a modern replica fascisti minus the vertical inscriptions because no one knew what kind of letters to use, although Ogham (see Robert Graves's The White Goddess, first published in 1946 by Faber and Faber of London, but this reference and all subsequent ones derive from Faber and Faber's "amended and enlarged" edition of 1961 in several printings) might have been both suitable and authentic. This modern replica is also misleading and inaccurate because the axe is mounted outside the bundle of rods and not in the middle of them. The shape of this axe head is also a bit funky and impractical.

The metal parts of this modern replica fascisti look like iron or steel to me, but the real Old European axes were probably made of pressure-flaked flint (11,500 BC), then of finely polished stone (circa 6000 BC), then of pure cast copper during the so-called "Chalcolithic" period beginning about 6000 BC and finally of bronze by 3000-1000 BC. Maybe a few were made of iron by Roman Imperial times when the fascisti persisted as a mock-antique symbol of a long lost world order.

The "bundle of rods" were in fact "books" of laws from which the power of the local township government derived (represented by the axe head) in the Old European scheme of things about 11,500 BC to about 600 BC. But memory of and nostalgia for Old European society lingered on to the time of Imperial Rome in some European geographical pockets and on a few Mediterranean islands (especially Malta, Sardinia and Crete) and on some offshore Atlantic islands. The very last enclave of the Old European "civilization" was the Isle de Sein off Brittany which was conquered by a ship-load of soldiers and Jesuits in the AD 1650s (see The White Goddess).There are many sources asserting the reality of an Old European alphabet and "books" of which the most recent and archaeologically definitive and accurate one is Marija Gimbutas's The Civilization of the Goddess (1991). Gimbutas gives tables comparing Old European alphabets from continental Europe, Malta and Crete.

The Latin "liber", French "livre" -- book -- originally meant "the heart of a tree". What kind of tree? The German word for a book, Buch, tells us -- a beech tree -- because beech wood doesn't usually develop cracks naturally as it ages.

And this tells us that Old European books were once written vertically in angular letters that were notched on the sides of beech rods. The very ancient Greek myth of Palamedes and the cranes tells us the same thing because cranes are angular birds and "make letters as they fly" (see The White Goddess).

Something very similar must have happened in the Far East. The first Chinese books were compilations of vertically split bamboo slats -- better and much lighter than beech wood rods -- that were bound together with braided grass-twine string and could be rolled up into scrolls. The characters were written vertically inside the concave lengths of split bamboo. Probably the characters were scratched into the bamboo with the sharp point of a rock before paint, brushes and paper were invented. The East Asian characters could then become less angular when drawn by brushes with paint but they are still usually written vertically.

Now, it is interesting that in all the Greek alphabet myths, Palamedes and others, like Perseus, go to the Atlantic Coast of Europe in order to bring back the alphabet. But why should these Greek heroes have had go to the Atlantic Coast of Europe for the alphabet when the much closer Middle East was supposedly where the alphabet was invented?

The European Atlantic Coast is a crane migration flyway up from Africa to north Europe. However, I have ascertained from Spanish and Portuguese bird watching and banding organizations that the migrating cranes still make a westward detour out into the Atlantic off Iberia before returning to the European Coast at about the latitude of Belgium and then nesting from Belgium north to the Netherlands, Denmark, north Germany and Scandinavia. Why cranes traditionally arrived bringing human babies is a very interesting matter (see The White Goddess and The Neandertals).

This suggests that the cranes were anciently heading westward to an Atlantic land mass that has since submerged, so they return to the European Coast. Naturalists have observed the same phenomenon, in reverse, regarding migrating eels from Europe and North America. They now breed at the bottom of the Sargasso Sea -- a concentration of Gulf weed once caused by a giant circular eddy of the Gulf Stream created by the barrier of a mid-Atlantic land mass that has since sunk. This giant circular eddy seems to have been the "Maelstrom" (Mill Stream) of ancient Norse legend and the "Mill of the Gods". However, since the Azores Plateau sank about 11,500 BC allowing the warm Gulf Stream to cross the Atlantic to Northwest Europe and ending the so-called "Ice Age", there is no longer any "Sargasso Sea" of terrible reputation. In fact, nowadays modern transatlantiSworc yachtsmen are lucky even to glimpse a piece of Gulf weed when they sail through the so-called "Sargasso Sea".

South America and Africa "fit into each other" fairly well, but Europe and North America do not -- there's a "missing piece" about the size of France or California (very roughly 157,000 square miles in area) just where migrating cranes and eels head for. This was probably or possibly "Atlantis" -- the now sunken Azores Plateau with the Azores Islands being the nine volcanoes on the Plateau that are high enough to extend above the Atlantic Ocean surface. Pico Alto is the highest and was once the highest mountain on earth.

All this suggests that the Old European alphabet and laws once came from Atlantis, remembered by the fascisti symbol (and the Champs Elysee complex of concepts). While sunken and broken Atlantis itself seems to be represented by various forms of the swastika, Atlantis in whole and viable form is represented by the Celtic cross -- as Tolkien knew in The Lord of the Rings and as Peter Jackson faithfully preserved in the film's aerial depictions of Gondor, Part III "The Return of the King".

Swords at Sunset (published in October 2005), and available on CD-ROM on this website, includes a dubious map of Atlantis promoted by Dr. Paul Schliemann in 1912. Paul was the grandson of Heinrich Schliemann, the famous discoverer of Troy. Paul Schliemann claimed that his grandfather had found this map scratched on a pottery shard at the Troy archaeological site. Whether genuine or not, this map confirms Plato's description of the city plan of the city of Atlantis, a Celtic cross formed by canals. We suggest in Swords at Sunset how the swastika, Celtic cross and the Ancient Egyptian Ankh symbols are all related to the city plan of Atlantis.

Cro-Magnons -- the preferred term nowadays is "European Early Modern Humans" -- arrived near the Atlantic Coast of southern France about 40,000 years BP. During the last "Ice Age" (Wurm I and II in the European sequence) they could not expand far because most of the the European continent was cold and glaciated. With the "end" of the "Ice Age" about 11,500 BC, the new warm flow of the Gulf Stream to Western Europe and the slow but steady retreat of the continental glaciers (except in high mountains) not only was there a massive influx of other Cro-Magnon arrivals, possibly refugees from Atlantis, but the Cro-Magnons could expand. They mostly confined themselves to rivers, navigable streams, coasts and lowlands for two reasons: these lowlands were unglaciated first and the European Neanderthals stayed in the colder highlands to which they were adapted. The two races or subspecies stayed more or less separate for thousands of years because they basically occupied two different habitats. Sometimes they met and mingled in the foothills as the hybrid 1991 Lapedo child (23,000 BC) from Portugal indicates.

Aerial photos suggest that during the heyday of the Old European Civilization about 8000 BC to about 2000 BC, the rivers and lowlands of modern Britain, France and Germany were very thickly inhabited by agriculturalists living in scattered small independent and unfortified hamlets. There is no evidence of any empires or much conflict. Some experts believe that the population density of this period approached that of two centuries ago. Marija Gimbutas has shown that these settlements seem to have been independent under a local government of some kind and were inhabited by farmers, artisans, traders, beekeepers, orchard keepers, herdsmen of sheep, goats, pigs, cattle and geese. There seems to have been a vague religious worship of the Fertility Goddess, but she was depicted in various guises from a Fish Goddess on the Danube to a Barley Goddess in France. There was also reverence for her magical male child, as shown by clay votive offerings. Weapons as distinct from hunting implements represent only 2% of all artifacts so far discovered, most artifacts being personal adornments.

In fact, this was the highly romanticized world of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Tolkien's society of "the Shire" and elsewhere (Bree, Rivendell, Lothlorian, Rohan and Gondor) was the Old European Civilization of about 11,500 BC to about 1000 BC with the Second and Third Ages of Middle Earth filling up this long era rather nicely. One wonders how Tolkien got it so "right" when he started writing during World War II and the archaeological data was uncovered only during the 1960s to the 1990s.

The enemy of the free peoples of Middle Earth was, of course, absolute totalitarianism represented by Sauron's Monotheism -- for he was both Jehovah and Allah wrapped up into one -- the one ruler in whom everyone had to believe and whom everyone had to obey. The Lord of the Rings is about the West's long, losing and heroic struggle against domination by the highly aggressive Monotheists and anti-feminists from the Middle East.

The first fortified towns of this Old European Civilization date from about 4500 BC in Macedonia, Romania and Bulgaria -- the leading edge of Neanderthal-Semitic westward migration from the Caucasus Mountains and Ukrainian steppes. The percentage of identifiable man-killing weapons suddenly jumps to almost 20% of all Old European artifacts discovered from this period (see The Civilization of the Goddess).

We must directly address a most important "by the way" here. I have just mentioned a date of roughly 4500 BC to pinpoint the time of massive and significant Cro-Magnon-Neanderthal interbreeding in places close to the Caucasus Mountains. Anyone who reads newspapers or who pays attention to electronic media will know that the time of Neanderthal interbreeding with Early Modern Humans supposedly took place about 35,000 years ago. I feel that this ancient date is merely a propaganda ploy to shove the date of interbreeding as far into the past as possible, the rationale being "how could anything that took place so long ago possibly have any relevance to the world today?"

I have already said that there were occasional and rather rare Early Modern Human and Neanderthal hybrids dating from at least 23,000 years ago as shown by the so-called "Lapedo child" in the Portuguese highlands. And there are other early apparent Cro-Magnon/Neanderthal hybrids in the highlands of the modern Czech Republic, Germany and modern Israel.


Since there are still highly Neanderthal populations in the Caucasus Middle East according to the statement of Svante Paabo's research colleague, Johannes Krause on May 10-18, 2010, who can tell when truly massive genetic material was exchanged between Neanderthal and Early Modern Human populations? As the last so-called "Ice Age" gradually loosened its grip on Eurasia, Early Modern Humans were migrating, probably by waterways, into the general Caucasus Mountains region and onto the steppes surrounding the Caucasus foothills. Neanderthal populations were living there. Such evidence of very significant interbreeding would not be contained in old fossils but in the DNA of living peoples. And Neanderthal DNA in very large and regional samples among living Caucasus and steppe populations has not (yet) been tested. But believe me, it will be. However, we must all be wary of statistical juggling of the conclusions when these results finally come out.

I would rather stick to the known anthropological, archaeological and even historical facts. Walter Pitman and William Ryan of Columbia University proved that the present Black Sea, formerly a rather modest steppe lake in the modern Ukraine, was inundated by Mediterranean salt water in roughly 5600 BC (see The Search for Noah's Flood, 1996). Everyone living around the well-watered steppes of this lake was flooded out and these people were forced to migrate or drown. Some few of these people were Cro-Magnons who had followed the Danube River to eventually find the southwestern edge of this rich steppe environment, but the vast majority of the population were Neanderthals who, under population pressure, had spread out onto the modern Ukrainian and south Russian steppes from the Caucasus Mountains and highlands.

Being displaced from their homes within two centuries, these Caucasus people were forced to migrate away in all directions. The date of 4500 BC gives reasonable time for them to have reached modern Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia in great numbers. This is just the time when Marija Gimbutas found the first Old European fortified towns and when the percentage of Old European artifacts jumps from 2% to 20% of weapons. This makes sense, given the circumstances. Later, the composite Neanderthal/Cro-Magnon population expanded down the Danube Corridor into Eastern, Central and Western Europe.

The era of 5600 BC to 4500 BC happens to be on the very cusp of recorded human history when past events were remembered in tribal lore to be later written down into history. I have suggested in Chosen People from the Caucasus that some early stories in Genesis of the Bible actually hark back to this time of the Flood and massive Neanderthal/Cro-Magnon intermixture.

I have relied upon the translation of the so-called "Jerusalem Text" by Rabbi Yonah ibn Aaron to show his conclusion that the "Nephelim" of Genesis were most probably highland Neanderthals who raided lowland "men" in a search for more modern women and to show his conclusion that the story of Cain and Abel reflects the gradual transition from a basically herdsman to a predominantly agricultural economy on the much reduced Black Sea steppes and in the surrounding foothills of the Caucasus, Carpathian and Crimean highlands. Rabbi Yonah ibn Aaron is an accredited UN translator of over twenty Middle Eastern and Central Asian languages, and worked at translating Genesis for Israel's "The Shrine of The Book". Strangely enough for a Rabbi and linguist, ibn Aaron also had some tutoring in anthropology from Dr. Ivan T. Sanderson of Cambridge University. His full text translations of relevant passages of Genesis are reproduced verbatim in Chosen People from the Caucasus (Third World Press, Chicago, 1992). I have suggested ways in which this lore material supplied some of the content of the Old Testament and the Koran.

But to return to the major theme here, the term "Fascism" seems to have been first used in modern times (1870) by Italian and Sardinian guilds and democratic rebels to describe their own policies and organization. They were apparently trying to create a social order that was closer to the vaguely remembered Old European scheme of things. A friend and correspondent of mine suggested that the term may have been used by Mussolini in the 1930s, but I cannot verify this. I would like to know who coined and first used "Fascism" to label "our" World War II enemies.

For the conflict of World War II was essentially one between the gradually infiltrated dominance of Judaic Monotheistic religion and anti-feminism (Judeo-Christianity and Judaism in Europe and North America), laws, customs and alphabet against the resurgence of more ancient and nearly opposite Old European values of The Civilization of the Goddess. And naturally anything of cultural importance that did not originate from the Middle East and ultimately from Judaism must be the most despicable orientation imaginable. Hence "Fascism" and "Fascists" as particularly hateful terms in the sixty years of post-World War II propaganda to which at least two generations of all of us have been subjected.

Now that some very minimal background for the swastika symbol and the true meaning of Fascism have been given, it is time to get down to brass tacks. All my life I have been humourously guided by Groucho Marx's quip: "I wouldn't join any movement that would accept me as a member."

Right. Now I find myself in the ironic position of trying to form a movement, and one with an unpopular symbol and an unpopular historical-political philosophical orientation, because I feel it is absolutely necessary in our time.

To be honest, I first thought about calling this movement the "New Atlantis Alliance to Assert Ante-Semitic Social Institutions" but I thought that the "Atlantis" connections, though many and suggestive, were too tenuous to withstand academic scrutiny. Why burden this movement with yet a third questionable inspiration?


I would appreciate some feedback from anyone on this entire idea, including the possible "Atlantis" connections. And I would also like to find a leader for this movement, male or female, who is younger than my age of 67 and in much better health. Maybe there's some Hollywood, Bollywood, Broadway, Chinese, Japanese or West End London actor or actress or performer out there, one with political dedication and savvy, who would like to take this movement on. Some kind of high profile social icon anyway. Personally, I was thinking of Mel Gibson since seeing his Apocalypto; or Kevin Kostner because of his commitment to the environment.

I definitely do not look to White Nationalists, White Supremacists or Neo-Nazis for this leadership. Their outlook is too parochial, racist and navel-gazing about "white victimization". Yeah, right, try talking very long to Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and American Native People about so-called "white victimization".

I would like this to be a multi-racial movement of all "ordinary humans" who oppose anti-human Neanderthal-Semitic influences. These Neanderthal-Semitic influences have succeeded in fragmenting and dividing purely Western society and these Neanderthal-Semitic influences financially and socially threaten all of the world's societies. I think our only possible salvation is a partial return to pre-Neanderthal and pre-Semitic social orientations. But it may be too late, and even a bloody and protracted fight to eliminate the present Neanderthal-Semitic domination of the world's societies may not end in victory for "us".

This movement would attempt to encourage a partial resurgence of traditional social values before the enforced imposition of Neanderthal-Semitic (Jewish and Arab-Muslim) influences in the social, education, mental health and medical, religious, entertainment-media, "morality", financial and "industrial" sectors of society all over the world. I have drawn up a platform of objectives for doing this, but it will have to be refined into a specific action plan by the yet-to-be-found "leader" and the first core members who decide to support this movement.

However, one of the most important aspects of doing anything is the mere visible existence of such a movement itself, with ancient and evocative symbols and an ancient historical-political orientation that comes out of the closet and also comes out of the pre-Neanderthal and pre-Semitic social orientation of the world's peoples.

Therefore, I was thinking about offering T-shirts bearing the image of this swastika flag, flags in two sizes (2 by 4 feet for home flagpoles; 1 by 2 feet for automobile aerials) and 2 by 4 inch laminated-plastic pin-on shoulder patches and/or chest badges. I have contacted some suppliers in the Toronto area about producing these items. However, I thought that I would await some public email response about the idea first, wait for a suitable "leader" to respond as well as some potential colleagues who have expertise in necessary areas.

Then, too, I am still partial to the name "New Atlantis Alliance of Civilised Peoples" despite some misgivings of my own and John Kaminski's ( additional warning that any mention of Atlantis would result in mainstream ridicule. Me, I'm not so sure. The U.S. has a space shuttle named Atlantis.

Part I.

Chapter 1. Esau's Empire and the "Toxic Lozenge":
"A Homo habilis" subspecies of humanity 1-3 million years BC?

Chapter 2. Esau's Empire: The psychobiology of religion

Chapter 3. The rise of Esau's Empire, a brief psychobiological history of the Western World from circa 5600 BC to 9/11

Part II

Chapter 4. The decline and the fall of Esau's Empire? New Alliance to Assert Ante-Semitic Social Institutions
(the first article on this website, immediately above)

Chapter 5. A View of Earthlings from Cydonia

To be continued...


Note: Esau's Empire, chapters 1-5, is presently being edited and compiled into a book. When this is done, and a price decided upon, it will be offered in a CD-ROM format for purchase through PayPal or by cheque or money order sent to the mailing address at the top of this website.


Attention:The following files require Windows Media Player:

Republic Broadcasting Network Michael Collins Piper interview with Michael Bradley, Tuesday, May 25th 2010

Republic Broadcasting Network Michael Collins Piper interview with Michael Bradley, Wednesday, May 26th 2010


Cargoes of Conflict:

The Cuban Missile Crisis as a theatrical production. Memoirs of a teenager on the fringes of momentous events.

For a printable PDF copy of Cargoes of Conflict, transmitted to you by email,

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In the Wake of Niagara Grail Refugees

The European purslane medicinal (and salad) plant introduced onto the Niagara Escarpment between AD 1450 and AD 1550 vindicates the author's contention that the Niagara Peninsula was apparently colonized initially by Europeans during the early-to-mid-1400s. See the St. Catharines Standard article of April 28, 2001 near the bottom of this website.


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Swords at Sunset is the final book in Michael Bradley's trilogy about the Holy Grail's adventures in North America between the years AD 1398 and AD 1571. Swords at Sunset completes the saga begun with Holy Grail Across the Atlantic (Hounslow Press, Toronto, 1988) and continued by Grail Knights of North America (The Dundurn Group, Toronto, 1998.)

"I find Swords at Sunset to be an astonishing work of speculative non-fiction." - John Robert Colombo

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Very important, anyone knowing the present whereabouts of Jason Bradley, born January 1972, and his current contact information, please contact me immediately.

Michael Bradley

Posted July 9th, 2010; revised October 5, 2011.


Michael Bradley is the infamous author of

Michael Bradley delves back into our glacial past during the last Ice Age in order to find the prehistoric sources of the white race's aggression, racism and sexism. Relying on the researches of Alexander Marshack, Carleton Coon, Konrad Lorenz, S.L. Washburn, Ralph Solecki and others, Bradley offers a persuasive argument that the white race, the Neanderthal-Caucasoids, are more aggressive than other groups because of ancient sexual maladaptation. And, in tracing the effects of Caucasian aggression, Bradley offers an uncomfortable and all-too-plausible explanation for the pattern of human history.

"The Iceman Inheritance is a worthy model to keep in mind when reviewing the long range of human history, and more especially when looking into the future." - Dr. Judith Posner, Anthropologist, York University, Toronto, Canada

"Clearly, scholars must consider the critical relationship between environment, genetics and culture. The significance of the Ice Age experience of European humanity on their peculiar psychology, sociology and biology must be seriously studied. The Iceman Inheritance points to the right direction." - Dr. Len Jeffries, Chair, Department of Africana Studies, City College, New York.

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The Iceman Inheritance

Publishing History (1978-2002) and Description

"The Iceman Inheritance is a worthy model to keep in mind when reviewing the long range of human history, and more especially when looking into the future." Dr. Judith Posner, Anthropologist, York University, Toronto, Canada.

"Clearly, scholars must consider the critical relationship between environment,genetics and culture. The significance of the Ice Age experience of European humanity on their peculiar psychology, sociology, and biology must be seriously studied. The Iceman Inheritance points to the right direction." Dr. Len Jeffries, Chair, Department of Africana Studies, City College, New York.


Esau's Empire: Chosen People from the Caucasus

Not available since the 1992 Third World Press Edition, in this sequel to The Iceman Inheritance Michael Bradley narrows down the sources of Western Man's aggression to the Judeo-Christian Tradition. This newly digitalized, edited, reformatted, expanded and renamed edition of Chosen People from the Caucasus locates the fundamental conceptions of the Hebrew faith about 7,600 years ago in the Caucasus Mountains region and not in ancient Palestine.

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Never fear, some of these books are offered further down this website in CD-ROM editions because of the kb space of the illustrations.

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I have taken much personal flack because of these books, including: an assassination attempt at Kennedy-King College in Chicago, several death and maiming threats, disruption of university lectures and sometimes successful attempts to cancel lecture/promotion tours and to prevent book distribution. Further, my wife lost four career positions within two years probably because of her connection with me. All this stress affected my heart.

I decided in 2005 to write only novels that gradually communicated the same things as my nonfiction books in fictional form. And I also decided to market only on the Internet - for as long as that remains a medium of free expression. is a table of the novels completed so far and those projected for the future.


Michael Bradley presents a new novel, the first of the Simon de Sackville series (Marc Rennsalaer's twin brother), 552 pages.

Death Point: The Damocles Dominion

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The first two novels of the Marc Rennsalaer series were published by Manor House Publishing Inc. of Ancaster, Ontario.

However, I wasn't thrilled with the editing, covers or proofreading and declined to sell Hearts to Manor House. Nor would I sell them Death Point: The Damocles Dominion, the first novel of the Simon de Sackville series, after I wrote it between December 2008 and March 2009.

Most of my books, including the Rennsalaer series and the first of the de Sackville series, Death Point , are so incorrect politically that I thought it unlikely that a larger and more professional publisher would accept the books or be able to get them distributed.

Large-scale book retailing is very nearly an "ethnic" monopoly and so the only books you can buy in large mainstream bookstores are more or less already pre-screened and pre-censored. For example, the largest bookstore chain in Canada, "Chapters", is called "The Evil Empire" by once-independent bookstores. JBL E-Publishing was formed to make my books available electronically and JBL stands for "Just Bradley Library".

While understanding that most readers would prefer to have a book with pages that requires no technology beyond being able to read, it is also true that in our time E-books are "greener" requiring no trees to be cut down for pulpwood and pages. And there are pocket-sized electronic gadgets out there for accessing E-books conveniently.

In my own humble opinion, the entertainment value of all the Rennsalaer and de Sackville novels is very good, as good as or better than you can find in any "Evil Empire" bookstore.

More relevant to some people should the fact that the first four novels particularly amount to a "survivalist handbook" for those who perceive the not-so-gradual dissolution of our present world order.

Various devices of "appropriate technology", illustrated by Morgan Edwards, are introduced in the first four novels: The Magdalene Mandala, Scripture, Hearts and Bone. These include the electricity-generating wind-motor that anyone can make, aircraft derived from it, the inverted steam engine as a substitute for internal combustion engines, and the "Inflicta" (Internal Flintlock Type Array) family of individual weapons and larger artillery.

* * * * * * * *


The Magdalene Mandala

The 1st Novel in the Marc Rennsalaer Series (457 pages)

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The 2nd novel in the Marc Rennsalaer Series (320 pages)

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The 3rd novel in the Marc Rennsalaer Series (365 pages)

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The 4th Novel in the Marc Rennsalaer Series (318 pages)

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Fair Warning!

The 13 novels of the Marc Rennsalaer Series are initially about the life, career and loves of an American-Canadian-French trader and soldier-of-fortune along the Canal du Midi of southern France. Later, as Rennsalaer's military and political reputation grows, he undertakes adventures in Germany, the Mediterranean and Black Seas, Central Asia and East Anglia.

Rennsalaer's Black African field commander of the Legion Domestique, ex-Foreign Legion Col. Abdullah Karim Djebrine, introduced in Bone, becomes Rennsalaer's lifelong friend and appears in six novels before he is killed in Tocharia. Col. Karim Djebrine is one of my own favourite characters.

I suppose that objectively these de Sackville and Rennsalaer novels are similar to the "Harlequin Intrigue" series leavened with a revised Outline of History, seasoned with dashes of sex, fashion and torture and fortified with a generous dollop of Popular Mechanics. However, the Rennsalaer and de Sackville books are a distinct departure from Harlequins, conventional histories and Popular Mechanics.

They are decidedly incorrect politically.

Not everyone will like them, that's for sure. The books will not appeal to any Americans for whom "Freedom Fries" had any better taste than the traditional "French Fries".

However, perhaps international readers with conceptions free of most childish propaganda may find the novels both enjoyable and instructive. The human history presented is based upon research by scholars such as Colin Renfrew, Alexander Thom, Otto Muck, Marija Gimbutas, Ahmed Osman, Ze'ev Herzog, Sigmund Freud, Kay Kenyon, Arthur Koestler, A.N. Poliak, Kamal Salibi, Bernard Leeman, Chaim Rabin, etc.

The anthropology offered derives from the latest DNA studies and the work of Carleton Coon, Ralph Solecki, David Lordipanidzhe and many others.

The "appropriate technology" described - the wind-motor, the inverted steam engine, the 'Pea' steam-powered aircraft and later BRASSH aircraft developed from it, "Inflicta" and Snider-based artillery - all work and I have made working examples of them. In some cases, like the wind-motor, plans and photos are available on this website. See "Site Index".

The evolution of fashion from 2011 to 2019 is based on the analysis of Body and Clothing over 5000 years by the Danish scholar R. Broby-Johansen. The evolution of geopolitics in this "alternative reality" is my own speculation. The "Goldfarb Event" is fictional and is placed in late 2012 for obvious (to Mayans) reasons but is also based on the known trajectories of the Trojan group of asteroids. I have taken some liberties with the architecture of the Élysée Palace in Paris.

When I can find a cover artist, all the books will be displayed like the first four above. Until then, the texts of the other 9 novels are perfectly readable and illustrated where necessary or helpful.

To paraphrase Bilbo Hobbit, I hope that less than half of you will enjoy reading these books more than twice as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Michael Bradley

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Lord of the Pyrenees Marches

The 5th Novel in the Marc Rennsalaer Series (413 pages)

The Goldfarb Event occurs on schedule on November 7-8, 2012, anticipated since Bone, and Israel implements its Masada Plan, adding nuclear radiation to humanity’s woes of natural catastrophes. Marc Rennsalaer and his Lot-et-Garonne Légion Domestique militia swing into action to provide disaster relief and to maintain civil order. In the wake of the Goldfarb Event destruction and the additional hazard of Masada nuclear radiation, Président Jacques Briac in a televised speech announces on December 31, 2012 that the immediate crisis is officially over and also announces the birth of the Sixième République. Despite some social and religious opposition, laws will have to be changed to cope with the new conditions. One item is the legalization of multiple marriages between fertile men and women, but there are other very basic modifications to French society. Eventually, all of the Western European Allies adopt these measures in slightly modified national forms. On a buying trip into southern Lot-et-Garonne, Rennsalaer discovers from Liedewei that Mariko O’Shaughnessey has a 10-month old son, Marc Sean, resulting from their 2011 love affair. Marc Rennsalaer and Liedewei are trying to purchase wheat and flour to compensate for the loss of North African and French domestic agricultural production destroyed by Atlantic and Mediterranean tsunamis of the Goldfarb Event. They become involved in the double battle of Mézin (January 19-21, 2013) against Pyrenees invaders and Rennsalaer comes to high public prominence and Présidential favour.

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Higher Than the Trees

The 6th Novel in the Marc Rennsalaer Series (486 pages)

Liedewei and Rennsalaer purchase a farm in Villeneuve-sur-Lot and its main attraction for Rennsalaer is the so-called "Jurassic knoll" on the property that overlooks the Villeneuve-sur-Lot plateau, giving a view across the Garonne Valley to the Pyrenees foothills. This knoll is the only thing 'higher than the trees' about the farm. Mariko O'Shaughnessey, who has come to France with Marc Sean in order to help Pierre Falardeau with research on the joint British-French "Jesus Voyage Project", resides with Rennsalaer and Liedewei and they also find some artefacts at the farm. Meanwhile, Rennsalaer and his Légion Domestique develop a rudimentary steam-powered Air Corps based on the original 'Pea' aircraft. Rennsalaer and the Legion otherwise prepare for a major struggle during the spring and summer of 2013 to hold southern France against Spain and Italy, expecting the conflict to erupt at the upcoming fall harvest time. Rennsalaer and the Légion fight and win the battles of Perpignan and Marseilles-San Remo (November 16-21, 2013) against the background of the birth of daughters conceived by Liedewei and Margot before the onset of Masada radiation associated with the Goldfarb Event.

Purchase Higher Than the Trees here! - E-Book Format -

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Lord Protector

The 7th Novel in the Marc Rennsalaer Series (312 pages)

Residing in Paris at the request of Président Jacques Briac as of April 2014, Rennsalaer thwarts an attempted May coup d’état by Major Generals Henri Delahaye and Edouard Moreau.

Purchase Lord Protector here! - E-Book Format -

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* * * * * * * *

The Jesus Voyage

The 8th Novel in the Marc Rennsalaer Series (390 pages)

The “Chinese”, the most populous group downwind of the Masada radiation, suffer greatly from irradiated crops and irradiated water. They advance eastward and invade North America across the Bering Strait. They also advance onto Eurasia’s steppes in an effort to get upwind of the Middle Eastern epicentre of radiation, resulting in a domino effect migration of steppe people. Western Europeans agree to send an Army and naval “Expeditionary Force” via the Black Sea to assist the Russians and Ukrainians to hold the line of the Volga against migrating and invading Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Afghans, Tadjiks and others. However, the Bosphorus is “somehow” sabotaged at the Rumeli Narrows, trapping Western European ships, tanks and men in the eastern Black Sea area. Marc Rennsalaer has anticipated some sort of attempt to entrap the Europeans and what remains of their nuclear and military capability in the Black Sea region, his "Possible Black Sea Scenario" document. He helps to negotiate a haven in the Republic of Georgia and saves the European Expeditionary Force from almost certain annihilation. Rennsalaer knows that a group of French Templars helped the Georgians militarily in the 13th century against an obscure Khazar incursion from the Ukraine. Whereas the French themselves have forgotten this, except for a few specialist scholars, the Georgians have not. The Georgian national flag is still a variation on the Templar battle flag and the Georgians regard themselves as Europeans. This flag is illustrated in the novel, as below.

However, the French Army effectively no longer exists in Europe and the Légion Domestique militia takes its place. Then, the Eastern Europeans themselves invade Western Europe and a desperately outnumbered remnant allied French, German, British, Dutch and Scandinavian force defends the line of the River Oder for three months against massed attacks by Russians and Ukrainians. Rennsalaer is maimed on the Oder while commanding the 6000 French Légionnaires.

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* * * * * * * *

Outremer: Caesar of the French

The 9th novel in the Marc Rennsalaer Series (361 pages)

The French people want a “King” in April 2015, but the new Président Gérard Raffinesque and Marc Rennsalaer sidestep this by suggesting the title “Caesar” in keeping with the Roman ethos bequeathed to the Légion Domestique by former Président Jacques Briac. “Caesar” means nothing – and everything. Not having been affected by the Goldfarb natural catastrophes, although much-diluted Masada radiation is seeping south of the equator, Brazil and South America are growing in power. Raffinesque is worried about this development. Malta is annexed by the French in order to obtain uranium from Niger and to make contact with the European Expeditionary Force stranded in the Republic of Georgia on the Black Sea. While in Poti, Georgia, Rennsalaer sees the research of Drs. Otto and David "Gordipanidizhe" of the Georgian Academy of Sciences suggesting that Homo habilis may be the ancestor of Neanderthals.

Purchase Outremer: Caesar of the French here! - E-Book Format -

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* * * * * * * *

The New Atlantis Alliance

The 10th novel in the Marc Rennsalaer Series (418 pages)

President Raffinesque and Rennsalaer prepare to assist a “Tocharian” buffer state to establish itself against Peking. Mei Ling, Marc Rennsalaer's first love, did not drown in the Sulu Sea after all, but survived and is "apparently" associated with this plan. Nurse Jeanne Mance devises a brace to reduce Rennsalaer’s disability from the Oder River maiming. Liedewei and Rennsalaer divorce in 2017 after almost five years of marriage and Rennsalaer comes to an "arrangement" with nurse Jeanne Mance. A French and German military expedition to help establish an independent “Tocharian” state in eastern Kazakhstan is successful during early 2017. Karim Djebrine finds the relief of death. Mei Ling is being broiled alive by Prince Jehangir (“World Gripper”) when Rennsalaer kills her to release her from her agony.

Purchase The New Atlantis Alliance here! - E-Book Format -

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* * * * * * * *

Mary Totten

The 11th Novel in the Marc Rennsalaer Series (484 pages)

Abdicating as “Caesar of the French” in June 2017, while retaining the honorary title “Caesar of the West” bestowed by the Western Allies in recognition for his Oder victory and the establishment of Tocharia, Rennsalaer wants to expand the business of Entre Deux Mers Trading Company to Holland and East Anglia. Both regions were hard hit by Goldfarb tsunamis with great loss of life and social regression over the past four and a half years. With Jeanne Mance, Rennsalaer hopes to relieve the suffering in these places. Because of his reputation, however, Rennsalaer is named “Sheriff of Fenland” by the British king and is coerced into looking for the ancient records of legendary “Scota” now in the custody of someone named Mary Totten. “Mary Totten” is a minor British folk figure known mostly in the south of England around Southampton. Her name is a folk corruption of Meri-t-Aten, the eldest of the six daughters of Nefertiti and Akenaten and her records will help undermine the mystique of the House of Stuart (Stewart) as descending from Jesus (Tutankhamun) and “Mary Magdalene” (Ankhsenpa-Aten, the youngest of the six daughters) and the so-called “Holy Grail” (see Bloodline of the Holy Grail by Sir Lawrence Gardner).

For those who are interested, Agatha Christie's 1937 Death on the Nile refers to Jesus as having been Tutankhamun. This was top secret knowledge within the higher echelons of the British government and among elite archaeologists with close government connections, and by 1937 Agatha Christie had been married to archaeologist Sir Max Mallowan for several years.

Marc Rennsalaer marries Jeanne Mance in September 2017. The December 2017 quest for Mary Totten’s records leads unexpectedly to East Anglia’s separating from Britain as “Albion” and to Rennsalaer’s becoming the Prince of Albion on December 18, 2017.

Purchase Mary Totten here! - E-Book Format -

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* * * * * * * *


The 12th Novel in the Marc Rennsalaer Series (361 pages)

This book chronicles the social and military growth of Albion under Rennsalaer and Jeanne Mance amid the geopolitical jostling for power between Scotland, France, Germany, Britain, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. The year is 2018. Scotland under Malcolm ‘Stuart’ becomes independent with Albion's endorsement, and Rennsalaer repays a debt owed since The Magdalene Mandala. Britain becomes just England again. Brazil establishes a foothold in West Africa (Senegal), while stopping the “Chinese” at the Isthmus of Panama. The U.S. and Canada hold the line of the Mississippi extended north to James Bay.

Purchase Albion here! - E-Book Format -

$14.99 USD

* * * * * * * *

The Others

The 13th Novel in the Marc Rennsalaer Series (522 pages)

Masada radiation associated with the Goldfarb Event stimulates the resurgence of an old-new species closely related to humanity and once known as Aelfs in Western Europe. Rennsalaer, having the American weakness for acronyms, naturally quips that Aelf must stand for "Advanced Evolutionary Life Form"! However, by analysing traditional Elf stories and more modern UFOs-and-occupants reports, relying heavily on Jacques Vallee's Passport to Magonia, Rennsalaer concludes that Aelfs can replicate the Biefield-Brown Effect using mental and metabolic control. He sets out to replicate the Biefield-Brown Effect himself with Albion's technology, while also offering a haven in Albion for some of the Aelfs presently being born to both human and Aelvish mothers. Using Elvish “technology” insofar as he can infer it, Rennsalaer gives little Albion’s technology a qualitative leap that may enable Western Europe to deal with the growing power of Brazil without going to war. In any case, Elvish technology impresses the major Western Allies enough to make the once-honorary title “Caesar of the West” permanent and meaningful on January 4, 2019. Author's note and warning: I have never had the money to test the EGG (Electro-Gravitic-Gondola) drive or the 'Electro-Glob-Generating' plasma weapon described in this novel. Multiple marriages between fertile men and women have been legal since 2012 and Lord of the Pyrenees Marches. Marc Rennsalaer finally marries Joëlle who becomes Queen of Albion. He remains married to Jeanne Mance, called the “Half-Elven”, who is “Caesara of the West”. Having become the legitimate "Caesar of the West" in Albion, Rennsalaer adopts a composite flag for Albion consisting of the ancient universal Swastika symbol shared by the Cro-Magnons of Atlantic Europe and extending westward to the Americas, across the Pacific to the Far East and even reaching the Indus Cultures circa 10,500-6,000 BC - coupled with the local Lion and Unicorn of Albion. This particular example of a Swastika is reproduced from a well preserved corner decoration of a Tocharian saddle-blanket now in the Urumchi (Mongolia) Museum and tentatively dated to circa 2000-1800 BC. See The New Atlantis Alliance. The Swastika symbol, according to some ancient lore whether genuine or dubious, represents the remembrance of the sunken and broken Orichalcum or "mountain copper" walls of lost Atlantis (red), the encroaching ocean (blue) and the accumulation of sea sand (white) - the colours of democracy: red, white and blue signifying Liberty, Equality and Fraternity as the French first codified it.

Purchase The Others here! - E-Book Format -

$14.99 USD


These 13 Marc Rennsalaer novels plus Death Point: The Damocles Dominion hopefully have some sheer entertainment value, but they also gradually communicate my conclusions based on forty years of study about the historical, "religious", psychosexual and anthropological reality of the world.

Novel 13 reflects my suspicion that behind the 3-million-year-long conflict between the two contending subspecies, something else and something "other" has also been going on to influence human reality.

The Middle Eastern subspecies persists in believing these manifestations to be activities of either God or the Devil.

The Jomon Culture of Japan and the Atlantic Europeans on the opposite side of the globe shared another take on the situation that was similar to the views of the Ojibway of North America, the Mayans of Central America, the Bantu of Africa, the Polynesians and the Aboriginals of Australia: the manifestations were the activities of another class of entity that shared the world with humanity and is at least somewhat similar to humanity. We can communicate with them (within limits) and even interbreed with them sometimes.

My 1979 NASA "debriefing" (with Dr. Carleton S. Coon) at the Houston Manned Spacecraft Center and at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California, after the publication of The Iceman Inheritance, plus Jacques Vallee's Passport to Magonia, provided an inkling of the possible true genetic and evolutionary nature of this "otherness".

It may be of interest that both NASA and the Rand Corporation seemed most interested in which "side" these "aliens" would favour. RAND paid me to research and write a report on this question. After studying Alan Hynek's research, Donald Hanlon's careful mapping of 1896-1897 airship sightings in the United States (when there were no U.S. airships) and Jacques Vallee's compendium of worldwide reports of Elvish and UFO activities, I had to conclude that "they" were on the side of ordinary humanity and did not favour the Middle Eastern subspecies or human cultures heavily influenced by it. This report was promptly classified and I, the author of it, could not even get a copy. I have often wondered since 1978 whether these conclusions, which may also have been supported by the conclusions of other researchers unknown to me, did not stimulate the greatly increased tempo of Toxic Lozenge manipulation of the U.S. and the West since around 1980.

And perhaps these conclusions by me and others additionally stimulated the development of the B-2 Spirit ATB so-called "Stealth" bomber during the 1980s as a deterrent against "them". Some of former President Ronald Reagan's communications with the then Soviet Union more than just hint at the existence of an external threat. Several top U.S., French and British aviation experts have concluded that the B-2 is really also a limited-range space vehicle in open disguise. See The Others for an illustrated explanation of the Biefield-Brown Effect and the B-2's potential capabilities. Maybe I got it all more or less right in The Others. Maybe not.

* * * * * * * *

Illustrator Wanted for Series of Novels

Canadian Author of 35 books, biography in Canadian Who's Who 1993-2007 as "Michael de Sackville", seeks a cover artist and a line drawing illustrator for a series of novels, plus one nonfiction book.


"A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country..."
(Matthew 13:57)

There's a little Neanderthal in a lot of us (August 29, 2006).


Did Neanderthal Admixture in Modern Western Humanity Contribute to Somewhat Larger Brains? (November 8, 2006)

Two recent articles (attached), the first published on August 29, 2006 in the London Telegraph, and the second published on Tuesday, November 8, by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, as reported by Reuters News Agency, indicate that Neanderthal interbreeding with other European people may have resulted in various physical characteristics, including the enlarged brain size of modern Western humanity.

In effect, these two article indicate that Neaderthals were also ancestors of modern Western humanity and that a significant number of Western people alive today retain vestiges of Neanderthal characteristics, both physical and "mental".

This is precisely what Michael Bradley said in The Iceman Inheritance in 1978, a book that was excerpted in The Globe and Mail, The Calgary Herald and The Ottawa Journal in early December 1978. The same facts were restated in greater detail and more recently in the Epilogue of Michael Bradley's Swords at Sunset (2005).

Back in 1978, the modern tools of DNA analysis and forensic examination were not yet widely available, being still somewhat experimental. Archaeological and physical anthropological evidence were available, but the "new" DNA techniques were used to challenge and supposedly nullify the evidence of physical anthropology.

This was easy to do in the popular media because DNA analysis was and is based on statistical probability...and a researcher can "prove" almost anything with statistics. As someone once put it: 'first come lies, then damned lies and then statistics.'

Therefore, Michael Bradley and The Iceman Inheritance have been attacked, ridiculed and suppressed for the past 28 years in both North American media and education.

Strenuous opposition and suppression were directed against anyone who suggested that Neanderthals had made a genetic contribution to modern Western humanity and that certain modern ethnic groups retain the most concentrated examples of Neanderthal genes and vestiges among modern Western people.

Various "DNA statistical studies", such as the Stoneking-Paabo DNA analysis published in Cell Journal in July 1997, were concocted to deny any possibility of Neanderthals having interbred with "early modern humanity" (which was never defined). We have also all been subjected to propaganda such as the Journey of Man television documentary claiming that there are essentially no geographic genetic races at all. And Neanderthal has become a pejorative expression referring to the "fact" that Neanderthals were not "human" (again, not defined).

These DNA "studies" were always criticized by the scientific community (the 1997 Stoneking-Paabo study was called "a statistical house of cards" by one world class geneticist, Dr. Alan Templeton), but these criticisms seldom got coverage in mass media.

As DNA analysis became more routine and truly proper statistical methodology was standardized, DNA analysis gradually began generally to support and confirm the previous findings of physical anthropology (see Dr. Carlton Coon's The Origin of Races, 1968). And the sheer volume of evidence began to be reported in the popular press.

The study published on Tuesday, as reported by Reuters, substantiates Neanderthal admixture in modern Western humanity...and vindicates Michael Bradley's work, as does the earlier study also attached.

Bradley wrote in The Iceman Inheritance that the slightly larger brains, on average, of modern Western humanity seem to be a part of the Neanderthal genetic legacy. But the even larger brains and slightly higher IQ of Far Eastern peoples may have another genetic source.

But, unfortunately, slightly larger brains are not the only evidence of Neanderthal heritage in Western humanity.

There are other intellectual, emotional and philosophical characteristics in the genetic package of the Neanderthal heritage. These are: a mentality that gives a numerical and materialistic emphasis to "intelligence"; little or no visual artistic ability; anti-feminist and anti-sexual emotions and social orientation; sexual mutilation as an expression of "religious" affiliation; extremely strong in-group cohesion; high aggression against all other groups and a tendency toward fanatical monotheism in "religions" that Neanderthal-descended people invented.

These characteristics are obvious from the geographical evidence of the last Neanderthal refuge -- the Caucasus (hence "Caucasian"), Elburz, Taurus, Zagros and Hindu Kush Mountains of the Middle East.

Michael Bradley has also prepared a new edition of The Iceman Inheritance, with new illustrations, including a discussion of the last three decades of DNA evidence and its distortion as ethnic propaganda. This should be of interest to book publishers.

Michael Bradley studied Neanderthal anthropology under Dr. Carlton Coon, Professor Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania.

There is a little Neanderthal in a lot of us

By Roger Highfield, Science Editor
(Filed: 29/08/2006)

People who have large noses, a stocky build and a beetle brow may indeed be a little Neanderthal, according to a genetic study. But the good news is that other research concludes that Neanderthals were much more like us than previously thought.

People of European descent may be five per cent Neanderthal, according to a study published in the journal PLoS Genetics, which suggests we all have a sprinkling of archaic DNA in our genes.

"Instead of a population that left Africa 100,000 years ago and replaced all other archaic human groups, we propose that this population interacted with another population that had been in Europe for much longer, maybe 400,000 years," says Dr Vincent Plagnol, of the University of Southern California, who with Dr Jeffrey Wall analysed 135 different regions of the human genetic code.

They looked at 34 people from Utah with ancestors from Northern and Western Europe and Yoruba people from West Africa. Using statistics and computer modelling, the researchers focused on linkage "disequilibriums", or sections within genes that did not make sense if only modern human matings are considered.

The missing genetic links only fit if some other hominid population is introduced. "We found that a simple model cannot explain the data if we do not add an 'ancestral population'," said Dr Plagnol.

Dr Plagnol explains that different parts of the genome have different ancestry, so an individual could have a fraction of a certain chromosome that is inherited from a Neanderthal, but still have mitochondrial DNA which is "very typical Homo sapiens".

A second study has concluded that Neanderthals were much more like modern humans than had been previously thought, after finds from one of the most famous palaeolithic sites in Europe were re-examined by Bristol University archaeologist, Prof Joao Zilhao, and his French colleagues.

Prof Zilhao has been able to show that sophisticated artefacts such as personal ornaments found in the Châtelperronian culture of France and Spain were genuinely associated with Neanderthals around 44,000 years ago, rather than acquired from modern humans living nearby.

Could our big brains come from Neanderthals?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Neanderthals may have given the modern humans who replaced them a priceless gift -- a gene that helped them develop superior brains, U.S. researchers reported Tuesday.

And the only way they could have provided that gift would have been by interbreeding, the team at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the University of Chicago said.

Their study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, provides indirect evidence that modern Homo sapiens and so-called Neanderthals interbred at some point when they lived side by side in Europe.

"Finding evidence of mixing is not all that surprising. But our study demonstrates the possibility that interbreeding contributed advantageous variants into the human gene pool that subsequently spread," said Bruce Lahn, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute researcher at the University of Chicago who led the study.

Scientists have been debating whether Neanderthals, who died out about 35,000 years ago, ever bred with modern Homo sapiens. Neanderthals are considered more primitive, with robust bones but a smaller intellect than modern humans.

Lahn's team found a brain gene that appears to have entered the human lineage about 1.1 million years ago, and that has a modern form, or allele, that appeared about 37,000 years ago -- right before Neanderthals became extinct.

"The gene microcephalin (MCPH1) regulates brain size during development and has experienced positive selection in the lineage leading to Homo sapiens," the researchers wrote.

Positive selection means the gene conferred some sort of advantage, so that people who had it were more likely to have descendants than people who did not. Lahn's team estimated that 70 percent of all living humans have this type D variant of the gene.

"By no means do these findings constitute definitive proof that a Neanderthal was the source of the original copy of the D allele. However, our evidence shows that it is one of the best candidates," Lahn said.

The researchers reached their conclusions by doing a statistical analysis of the DNA sequence of microcephalin, which is known to play a role in regulating brain size in humans. Mutations in the human gene cause development of a much smaller brain, a condition called microcephaly.

By tracking smaller, more regular mutations, the researchers could look at DNA's "genetic clock" and date the original genetic variant to 37,000 years ago.

They noted that this D allele is very common in Europe, where Neanderthals lived, and more rare in Africa, where they did not. Lahn said it is not yet clear what advantage the D allele gives the human brain.

"The D alleles may not even change brain size; they may only make the brain a bit more efficient if it indeed affects brain function," Lahn said.

Now his team is looking for evidence of Neanderthal origin for other human genes.

* * * * * * * *

Chosen People from the Caucasus

"It is clear after reading this book that Michael Bradley will not be a candidate for a teaching position in any American or Canadian university. His is a courageous voice in a wilderness of misconceptions." Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Professor Emeritus, Hunter College, New York, NY. (see "Site Index" for photocopy available for purchase).

* * * * * * * *

Michael Bradley on National Radio's Cosmic Horizons program, March 8th 2006.

Interview with Michael Bradley on Errol Bruce-Knapp's Mind Shift program, simulcast on CFRB 1010 (Toronto) and CJAD (Montreal), July 30th 2005.

* * * * * * * *

Appendix to Chapter 3 of Swords at Sunset,
(late addition, September 7, 2005)
Queen of Sheba and Biblical Scholarship by Dr. Bernard Leeman

On October 10, 2000, my full-page article "In Search of the Lost Monarch" was published in the Vancouver Sun's Insight section. This piece was about the Queen of Sheba and its immediately topical news peg was the upcoming expedition of the University of Calgary to the Queen's traditional capital of Ma'rib, now in modern Yemen.

In this article, I pointed out that Ethiopian traditions of the Queen of Sheba were fairly definitive. For example, her name was remembered as Makeba. It was, on the contrary, the Israelite kings David and Solomon whose existence seemed to be more problematical. I also pointed out, relying on various categories of evidence, that the Israelite "Promised Land" could not have been in Palestine, but was somewhere on the Red Sea coast of Western Arabia. In this, I followed Kamal Salibi's linguistic research (more recently verified by Chaim Rabin). I suggested certain avenues of further research in this article.

This article got me blacklisted in most of the major daily English Canadian newspapers, almost all of which are owned by the Jewish Asper family of Winnipeg-based Global CanWest. This article also resulted in the demotion of the Vancouver Sun's Insight Editor, Chris Rose.

Dr. Bernard Leeman was apparently already working along these lines, although my article may have encouraged him that this highly controversial line of research was worth pursuing. In any event, Dr. Leeman wrote to me in June 2005 announcing the upcoming publication of his book Queen of Sheba and Biblical Scholarship scheduled for July 2005 release by the Queensland Academic Press of Australia. He kindly mentioned me in his Acknowledgements (page 5). On September 5th, Dr. Leeman also gave me permission to reprint a two-page promo of his book as Appendix I of Swords at Sunset. I am trying to convince my new publisher, Manor House Publishing Inc., to include an Appendix I although it is a little late in the game since the book may already be at the printers'. This link will take you to this synopsis of Dr. Leeman's new book and a map that's worth many thousands of words.

Basically, this work vindicates the historical reconstruction of the real "Exodus destination" offered in Chapter 3 of Swords at Sunset.

The Old Testament did not make an innocent mistake in placing the "Promised Land" in Palestine. Nor were the Zionists following naive religious loyalty to the Old Testament when they began to agitate for the creation of the modern State of Israel. The Zionist movement began about 1850 to 1870 and its notable personality was Theodore Herzl who succeeded in organizing the first Zionist Conference in 1896.

But some Jewish scholars somewhere among the Zionists knew very well that the real "traditional Jewish homeland" was in Western Arabia and not in Palestine. The major problem for the Zionists was, however, that Western Arabia was firmly under the control of the Saudi Royalty, was an ally of Britain which had fought with the legendary "Lawrence of Arabia" against the Turks and which was definitely not available for settlement and takeover.

Nonetheless, someone among leading Zionists knew where the truly historical Jewish homeland had been. The great danger of the Zionist deception was simply that an earlier version of the Old Testament (at least the Pentateuch, Kings I and II and perhaps Psalms) could be discovered at any time beneath the sands of Western Arabia. Two prominent Jewish orientalists, the Austrian Edouard Glaser and the Frenchman Joseph Halévy, were therefore dispatched to Western Arabia in order to steal or "confiscate" as many inscriptions as they could carry back to Europe. Thankfully for the Zionists of the time nothing "bombshell biblical" was discovered among the 1500-odd stolen inscriptions that Glaser and Halévy were able to recover.

But it still remains possible, or even probable, that an earlier version of the Old Testament may yet be recovered from Western Arabia or Yemen. The Semites knew writing from about 1400 BC and indeed Western Arabia and the Queen of Sheba's old realm of Saba (scholars prefer "Sabaea") are full of inscriptions. It's only a matter of time before an embarassingly early version of at least some of the Old Testament turns up from that area. Indeed, given the long period of time in which the Semites knew writing, it is a bit suspicious that the oldest version of the present Old Testament dates only from about 530 BC. This is because it must have been rewritten and canonized in its present form (ascribed to Ezra)after the "Babylonian Captivity" and its major purpose was to transplant the corpus of Jewish history from Western Arabia to Palestine.

Palestine, unlike Western Arabia, could be negotiated and settled by 19th and 20th century Zionists because Lord Rothchild and other Jewish financiers had a great deal of power in Britain and they saw to it that Palestine became a British Mandated Territory after World War I. By the way, several "unnecessary" military campaigns were fought during World War I in order to ensure that Palestine was occupied by Britain before any conclusion of the War. Anzac troups bore the brunt of these unnecessary casualties.

Dr. Bernard Leeman's book Queen of Sheba and Biblical Scholarship is well worth buying or ordering direct from the Queensland Academic Press. Read this two-page synopsis with the map which is worth many thousands of words.

Queen of Sheba and Biblical Scholarship by Dr. Bernard Leeman

* * * * * * * *

    Curraghs for Tsunami Disaster Relief.    

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The Black Discovery of America (Dawn Voyage), The Columbus Conspiracy, Chosen People from the Caucasus, More Than a Myth and The Cronos Complex are available as photocopies in their appropriate categories on the "Site Index" (as is a rough plan and schematic for the wind-motor).

Site Index

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Personal Admission of Inspiration for The Cronos Complex (1974)
and The Iceman Inheritance (1978)

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Hot Air and Ancient Wonders

For information about this book click here!

This book isn't really completely ready for sale. However, a North Carolina engineer wanted a copy of the complete text. This has not been formatted for a book, it is still "screen size", double spaced, and Michael has never been able to find an artist to do some of the illustrations although the technology is described in the text. Further, some photographs are missing in later chapters. The text runs about 438 pages and I have cobbled this together mainly so that the Carolina engineer who is a great fan of Michael's work can have a copy. Even in this incompleted form, Hot Air and Ancient Wonders is well worth buying and reading.

Joelle Bradley-Lauriol

Purchase your copy of Hot Air and Ancient wonders here! - CD-ROM Format -

$49.95 USD

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Do New Archaeological Discoveries and the Holy Grail Suggest a
10,000-year-old Atlantic Origin for Western Civilization and

Find out by reading:

The Jesus Voyage

And don't miss, independent work complementing this idea.

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Scientists Find Prehistoric Dwarf Skeleton

How many times can Michael Bradley be so right and still be ignored? As long as there's Jewish control over North American media, that's how long.

Read the above article datelined Wednesday, October 27, 2004 and then read Chapter 1 of Esau's Empire.

Michael predicted this discovery in March 2001 in a report for Billiton International Metals of The Hague and restated the prediction in May 2004 in Esau's Empire (Chapter 1).

Michael would suggest the name, which he has used in correspondence with anthropologists, of "Australohomopithecines" to describe the many kinds of "not-quite-humans" who must have come out of East Africa 2-3 million years ago. The Homo habilis subspecies would be only one of them.

* * * * * * * *

"Michael Bradley" is the pen name of a respected author of twenty books previously published in Canada, the U.S. and UK.

He has lectured at Princeton University, Yale University, Vanderbilt University, York University, the University of Toronto and Kennedy-King College as well as many other educational institutions.

His biography has been selected for Canadian Who's Who since 1993 because of his contribution to Canadian cultural life. His biographical entry can be found under "de Sackville, Michael".

Because of censorship, it is obvious that Michael Bradley's works must now be offered only on the Internet. But we're new at this! Please visit this web site often for other books and articles by Michael Bradley.

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Crucible of the Holy Grail

A group from Nova Scotia called "Eye of the Storm productions Inc." has expressed interest in producing a one-hour documentary on Michael's life based on the treatment/proposal Crucible of the Holy Grail. To view this document, click the link above.

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General Historical Articles

The Sudbury Star, June 8, 2002.
Out of the mists of the past: Were Northern rivers
sailed by ancient mariners?

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Will the "Last of the Mohicans"
change Canadian and American History?

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The Standard, St. Catharines, Ontario, April 28, 2001.
Did Europeans first settle Niagara in the 15th century?

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