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Michael Bradley, the respected author of twenty books previously published in Canada, the U.S. and UK, passed away peacefully in December 2017 after a protracted illness and a long battle with heart disease.

He has lectured at Princeton University, Yale University, Vanderbilt University, York University, the University of Toronto and Kennedy-King College as well as many other educational institutions.

His biography has been selected for Canadian Who's Who since 1993 because of his contribution to Canadian cultural life. His biographical entry can be found under "de Sackville, Michael".

Since it was necessary to update this site to reflect this development, I have also decided to refresh and refurbish the pages and the content. Shorter pages, an content index in footer position, better organization of the content by category (interviews, articles, book) are a few of the changes you will see in the coming months. For now, only this home page is available for viewing, but the content will expand over time.

At this time, Michael's e-books are not available for purchase. Three of Michael's books: Swords at Sunset, The Magdalene Mandala and Scripture are currently in print and available for purchase through Manor House Publishing

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Last updated February 11, 2018

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